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Former Abia Councillors Appeal to Governor Ikpeazu for Payment of Allowances and Severance Package

Former councillors in Abia State have sent a desperate plea to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, urging him to authorize the payment of their outstanding allowances and severance package before his term concludes on May 29.

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The elected officials, whose tenure ended in December 2022, request payment for several allowances, including sitting and constituency allowances, swearing-in allowances, wardrobe allowances, car/transport allowances, and furniture allowances.

In an open letter by their former Secretary, Hon. Sam Charles Okeke, the ex-councillors outlined their current plight. However, they clarified that the intention behind the letter was not to cause embarrassment but was due to their inability to secure the Governor’s attention through other means.

The letter stated, “Sir, approving and directing the payment of these entitlements to us will enable us to pay off our bills incurred during our swearing-in and during the course of our constitutional functions, seeing that it is our constitutional right as replicated in other states.”

The councillors emphasized that life has been challenging since leaving office, and these outstanding payments would ease their financial burden.

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They also stressed that they had exhausted all democratic channels in their quest for their entitlements, leaving them with no choice but to make their plea public.

Despite their struggle, the former councillors vowed to continue supporting the Ikpeazu-led government, appreciating the achievements made under his administration.


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Editor’s Note: Timely Compensation – A Matter of Right and Respect for Public Servants

The plea for financial relief from the former councillors of Abia State throws into stark relief the importance of compensating public servants promptly. In a democratic setup, every elected official plays a crucial role in maintaining the stability and progress of society.

When their rightful dues are delayed, it puts them under undue hardship and sends a troubling message about how we value their contributions.

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Establishing robust systems to ensure timely disbursement of allowances and severance packages is essential. Delays or non-payment of such benefits can create resentment and erode trust in public institutions.

It is not just about financial support but about upholding the dignity of the public office and the individuals who serve in these capacities.

While the appeal from the former councillors of Abia State is distressing, their commitment to continuing support for the government is commendable. It reflects their dedication to serving their community, despite personal hardships.

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As Governor Ikpeazu concludes his term, addressing their pleas would affirm his respect for their service and a positive closing note to his tenure.

Did you know?

  • Okezie Ikpeazu has been the Governor of Abia State since May 29, 2015.
  • Abia State is located in the South Eastern part of Nigeria.

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