Governor Fubara Cautions Newly Appointed Officials Against Political Antagonism1

Governor Fubara Cautions Newly Appointed Officials Against Political Antagonism

Rivers State Governor Siminalayi Fubara has warned his newly appointed Chief of Staff and commissioners not to use their positions to oppress or target perceived political enemies. Fubara expressed his confidence in divine intervention to resolve all challenges, stating that these have been surrendered to God.

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This directive was given during the swearing-in ceremony of the Chief of Staff, Government House, and five Special Advisers at the Executive Chambers of Government House in Port Harcourt, as reported in a statement by the governor’s Media Aide, Boniface Onyedi. The appointees include Ehie Edision as Chief of Staff and Dr. Darlington Orji, Solomon Eke, Aminayanasam Fiberesima, Deeyah Bariene, and Ohia Prince as Special Advisers.

Governor Fubara emphasized that the primary purpose of governance is to render services amidst difficulties. He urged the appointees to view their roles as a call to duty, add value to governance, and demonstrate their credibility as state men. He stressed the importance of not using their positions for personal vendettas or local conflicts.

Fubara also warned the commissioners sworn in the previous week against any actions that might undermine his administration. He directed the Secretary to the State Government to assign responsibilities to the commissioners and advised the appointees to support the government in a manner that promotes its image.

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The governor’s remarks come in the wake of President Bola Tinubu’s intervention in the feud between Fubara and his estranged political godfather, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike. This intervention led to an eight-point resolution, including reinstating pro-Wike appointees. The political impasse had previously resulted in the resignation of nine commissioners and the defection of 27 lawmakers to the All Progressives Congress.

Governor Siminalayi Fubara’s admonition to his newly appointed officials in Rivers State is a significant step towards fostering a political environment free from personal vendettas and antagonism. His emphasis on the need for appointees to focus on service delivery rather than engaging in political conflicts is a commendable approach to governance.

This directive underscores the importance of responsible leadership and the need for public officials to prioritize the State’s welfare over personal or political interests. It also reflects the governor’s commitment to maintaining stability and unity within the State’s political landscape, especially following the recent political tensions involving critical figures.

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Governor Fubara’s reliance on divine intervention and his call for patience and understanding among his appointees demonstrate a leadership style that values faith and humility. Political leaders must recognize that their actions and decisions have far-reaching implications on the lives of the citizens they serve.

As Rivers State moves forward, all political actors need to work collaboratively towards the common goal of developing the State and improving the lives of its residents. The governor’s stance reminds us that effective governance requires a balance of firm leadership, respect for diverse opinions, and a commitment to the greater good.

Did You Know?

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  1. Rivers State, governed by Siminalayi Fubara, is one of Nigeria’s 36 states in the southern part of the country.
  2. The State is known for its rich natural resources, particularly crude oil and natural gas, making it a key player in Nigeria’s economy.
  3. Political appointments and their implications play a significant role in the governance and administration of Nigerian states.
  4. The recent political feud in Rivers State between Governor Fubara and Nyesom Wike has been a notable event in Nigeria’s political landscape.
  5. The role of the Chief of Staff and Special Advisers is crucial in assisting the governor in policy formulation and implementation.


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