Lawmaker Appeals For Patience With Tinubu Amid Economic Struggles

Lawmaker Appeals for Patience with Tinubu Amid Economic Struggles

Leke Abejide, representing Yagba Federal Constituency in Kogi State at the National Assembly, has urged Nigerians to extend their patience to President Bola Tinubu’s administration for two years, allowing time for the government’s policies to take effect and yield positive outcomes. This appeal was made during a grand reception in his honour by the Yoruba community in Kano State, where he was also titled Asiwaju of Yoruba Kano by the Oba Yoruba of Kano, Dr. Murtala Otisese.

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Abejide expressed confidence in the Tinubu administration’s potential to improve the nation’s economy, likening the current economic hardship to the temporary pains of childbirth, which lead to joy. He highlighted the importance of giving the government time to implement its policies, acknowledging the difficulty for those currently facing hardships but assuring that the positive impacts would be evident in less than two years.

As the Chairman of the Customs and Excise Committee of the House of Representatives, Abejide called for patience among the populace, promising that the outcomes would be beneficial for all. Additionally, he committed to completing the construction of the Oba Yoruba of Kano’s palace, reinforcing his dedication to the Yoruba community in Kano.

The Oba Yoruba of Kano praised Abejide for his significant contributions to the welfare of Yorubas in Kano, mainly through empowerment programs for widows and orphans. The Kano State Governor’s Special Adviser on Yoruba Affairs, Alhaji Abdussalam Abdullatif, speaking on behalf of Governor Abba Yusuf, assured of the state’s commitment to an inclusive government and democracy dividends to its residents.

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In these challenging times, the call by Leke Abejide for patience and support for President Bola Tinubu’s administration is a poignant reminder of the collective journey towards national prosperity. The analogy of enduring labour pains for the eventual joy of childbirth is a metaphor for the current economic hardships many Nigerians face. It is a call to trust in the process and the promise of a brighter future.

As Nigerians, our resilience and unity are our greatest strengths. The appeal for a two-year grace period for the administration’s policies to bear fruit is not just a request for patience; it’s an invitation to uphold faith in our collective ability to overcome adversity. The government’s role is undeniably crucial in steering the country towards economic recovery, but equally important is the support and understanding of its citizens.

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The commitment shown by individuals like Abejide, who serve in legislative capacities and engage in community development and empowerment, highlights the multifaceted approach needed to address our nation’s challenges. It underscores the importance of leadership that is connected to the grassroots and responsive to the needs of the people.

As we navigate these tough economic times, let us remain hopeful and supportive of efforts aimed at national development. The journey may be extended and fraught with challenges, but we can emerge more robust and united with patience, perseverance, and a collective will.

Did You Know?

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  • Kogi State, represented by Leke Abejide in the National Assembly, is strategically located in Nigeria, connecting the Northern and Southern parts of the country.
  • The Yoruba community in Kano is a testament to Nigeria’s rich cultural diversity, with millions of Yorubas living harmoniously in the state.
  • Economic policies often require time to manifest their impacts, some taking several years to realise their benefits entirely.
  • The title of Asiwaju is a Yoruba term meaning “leader” or “front-runner,” often conferred on individuals who have shown exemplary leadership and contribution to society.
  • Community empowerment programs, such as those for widows and orphans, play a crucial role in social development and cohesion within Nigerian communities.




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