Minister Alake Receives Threats For Exposing Illegal Mining Links1

Minister Alake Receives Threats for Exposing Illegal Mining Links

Dele Alake, Nigeria’s Minister of Solid Minerals Development, has reported receiving life-threatening messages following his public comments on the involvement of influential Nigerians in illegal mining activities. Alake confirmed this during his visit to the recent explosion site in Ibadan, Oyo State’s capital.

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The explosion, which occurred last Tuesday at Adeyi Avenue, Bodija, Ibadan, resulted in five deaths, 77 injuries, and damage to 58 houses. Alake revealed that his statements at the National Assembly, where he openly accused highly placed Nigerians of backing banditry linked to illegal mining, led to these threats.

Alake stated, “I said it openly, of course, I received threats, but we are undaunted because these things have to be said, and in any case, I wasn’t saying anything new, most people knew it.” He emphasized the widespread nature of this problem, noting that it involves various societal strata, not just the elite.

The minister highlighted the government’s use of kinetic and non-kinetic strategies to combat illegal mining and its associated banditry. He mentioned the involvement of host communities as crucial, given their knowledge of local terrains and the challenges posed by bandits who are well-funded and armed, even laying mines against ground forces.

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Regarding the Ibadan explosion, Alake cautioned against making premature statements until all forensic analyses and investigations by security agencies, including the mines inspectorate division of the Ministry of Solid Minerals, are completed. He stressed the importance of an authentic forensic report to inform the government’s judgment and official statement on the incident.


The recent revelation by Minister Dele Alake about receiving threats for exposing the involvement of influential figures in illegal mining activities in Nigeria is a stark reminder of the challenges faced in combating corruption and illegal activities in the country. Despite the risks, his courage in speaking out against such practices is commendable and underscores the need for transparency and accountability in governance.

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Illegal mining not only deprives the nation of its natural resources but also fuels banditry and insecurity, affecting the safety and well-being of communities. The involvement of high-profile individuals in these activities makes the fight against them even more complex and dangerous. The government, law enforcement agencies, and the judiciary must work together to address this issue effectively and ensure that those responsible are held accountable.

The minister’s emphasis on the role of local communities in combating these challenges is crucial. Local knowledge and cooperation are vital in identifying and addressing the root causes of illegal mining and banditry. Using kinetic and non-kinetic strategies indicates a comprehensive approach to tackling this multifaceted problem.

The situation in Ibadan, where an explosion led to the loss of lives and property, highlights the potential dangers associated with illegal mining activities. It is essential that thorough investigations are conducted and appropriate measures are taken to prevent such incidents.

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As Nigeria grapples with these challenges, citizens must support efforts to combat illegal mining and banditry. Public awareness and cooperation are vital in creating a safer and more secure environment.

Did You Know?

  1. Nigeria is rich in solid minerals, including gold, tin, coal, limestone, niobium, lead, and zinc, but illegal mining activities often lead to loss of revenue and environmental degradation.
  2. The Nigerian government has implemented policies to formalize and regulate artisanal and small-scale mining to curb illegal practices.
  3. Banditry in Nigeria, particularly in the northern regions, has been linked to illegal mining activities, with armed groups using proceeds from mining to fund their operations.
  4. The Ministry of Solid Minerals Development was established to promote the development of Nigeria’s mineral resources, regulate mining activities, and ensure environmental compliance.
  5. Community involvement in mining activities can lead to sustainable development and help address the challenges of illegal mining and insecurity.


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