Pdp Seeks Probe Into N1Bn Memo Leak Presidency Cites Internal Sabotage1

PDP Seeks Probe into N1bn Memo Leak, Presidency Cites Internal Sabotage

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has urged the National Assembly to delve into the approval of a staggering N500 million, which is part of a controversial N1bn sanction purportedly by President Bola Tinubu for the establishment of a 37-member Tripartite Committee on the New National Minimum Wage. This call to action came after a memo was leaked on Thursday, indicating President Tinubu’s alleged sanction of N500m out of the total N1bn to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Senator George Akume, for the committee’s inauguration.

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Debo Ologunagba, the PDP National Publicity Secretary, lambasted the approval in a statement on Friday, branding it as the epitome of financial irresponsibility. Ologunagba condemned the allocation of such a substantial sum for what he deemed a routine governmental function, asserting that this act exemplifies the Tinubu-led administration’s extravagant and imprudent financial conduct, which, in his view, underscores a deep-seated corruption within the government.

He found it particularly egregious and inexcusable that such an expenditure was approved amidst severe food scarcity, with a significant portion of the Nigerian populace grappling with hunger due to insufficient investment in agriculture, prevailing insecurity, and the government’s stringent economic policies. The statement highlighted the audacity of the initial request by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation for N1.8bn for the event, which was eventually reduced to N1bn, with President Tinubu instructing to commence with N500m.

In response, the Presidency has called for an investigation within the civil service to eliminate what it describes as “moles” loyal to the PDP, who are accused of leaking sensitive documents. The Presidency emphasised the need for secure communication between the Office of the President and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, pointing out that such leaks indicate vulnerabilities within the system.

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Bayo Onanuga, the Special Adviser to the President on Information and Strategy, expressed concern over the leakage of a memo from the SGF to the President, suggesting the presence of internal saboteurs. He recalled similar incidents of leaked memos, including one during the President’s visit to the UN General Assembly, raising questions about the source of these leaks. Onanuga stressed the importance of respecting civil service rules regarding official secrets and suggested that the government scrutinise internal processes to prevent such breaches. Another anonymous official from the Presidency defended the memo, describing it as a routine request for funds necessary for government operations.


In the swirling vortex of Nigerian politics, the recent uproar over the leaked memo concerning the N1bn approval for the inauguration of a committee on the New National Minimum Wage has once again thrown the spotlight on the intricate dance between transparency, accountability, and internal security within the government. The PDP’s call for a National Assembly investigation into this matter is not just about the financial implications of such an approval but a broader concern over the governance ethos under President Tinubu’s administration.

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As a collective voice, we argue that while fiscal prudence is paramount, especially in times of economic strain, the essence of this debate transcends mere numbers. It touches upon the foundations of trust between the government and its citizens. The allegations of financial recklessness levelled by the PDP against the administration serve as a reminder of the perennial battle against corruption and mismanagement of public funds. However, the issue of leaked documents is equally concerning, jeopardising governmental operations’ confidentiality and exposing systemic vulnerabilities.

The Presidency’s reaction, focusing on rooting out so-called moles, while necessary, should not overshadow the need for a transparent and accountable governance framework. The balance between safeguarding state secrets and ensuring the government’s actions withstand public scrutiny is delicate but essential. This incident should catalyse reinforcing mechanisms that uphold integrity within the civil service and the broader government apparatus.

As we navigate these turbulent waters, our guiding principle should be the pursuit of a governance model that is both secure and open, where public funds are managed judiciously. The government’s actions are transparent and accountable to the people. The path forward must be one of reform, reflection, and, most importantly, responsibility. Our collective future depends on it.

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Did You Know?

  • Nigeria’s National Assembly has the constitutional power to conduct investigations into any matter of public interest, including financial appropriations and approvals.
  • The Tripartite Committee on the New National Minimum Wage concept involves representatives from the government, employers, and workers’ unions to negotiate wage structures.
  • The Nigerian civil service has a set of rules and codes, including the handling of official secrets, designed to protect the integrity and confidentiality of government operations.
  • Leaked documents have historically played a role in exposing public concerns and raising questions about security and privacy within governmental institutions.
  • The minimum wage in Nigeria has been a subject of intense negotiation and debate, reflecting the country’s broader economic challenges and living standards.


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