Senate Seeks More Funds For Constituency Projects

Senate Seeks More Funds for Constituency Projects

The Nigerian Senate has made a strong call for an increase in the funds allocated to lawmakers for constituency projects. However, a bill seeking to establish an Act for Constituency and Special Projects in the Annual Budget of the Federation faced rejection, failing to pass the second reading.

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The bill, sponsored by Senator Babaginda Hussaini (APC, Jigawa North-West), was aimed at ensuring equitable distribution of development across the country through constituency projects. Many lawmakers supported the bill, seeing it as a means to drive more funds into their constituencies for infrastructural development and poverty alleviation.

Senator Mohammed Monguno expressed dissatisfaction with the current allocation for constituency projects, citing it as grossly inadequate in the face of rising inflation. He shared his experience as a member of the House of Representatives, where he received N100m, an amount he found insufficient for meaningful development.

Despite the support, the bill faced opposition from Senator Victor Umeh (LP, Anambra Central), who argued that the issue of constituency projects falls under the executive’s purview, not the legislature’s. He stressed that any legal framework for constituency projects would require an amendment to the constitution.

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The debate highlighted the ongoing pressure on lawmakers from their constituents and the need for a clear legal framework for constituency projects. Despite the arguments, the Senate ultimately rejected the bill after a voice vote.


The recent debate in the Nigerian Senate over increasing funds for constituency projects raises important questions about the role of lawmakers in development and the allocation of national resources. The rejection of the bill seeking a legal framework for these projects underscores the complex dynamics between legislative duties and developmental responsibilities.

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Constituency projects are vital for grassroots development, providing lawmakers with a direct mechanism to address the needs of their constituents. However, the controversy surrounding these projects often stems from concerns about transparency, accountability, and the equitable distribution of national resources.

The call for increased funding for constituency projects is understandable, given the rising costs and the need for tangible development at the local level. However, any increase in funding must be accompanied by stringent measures to ensure transparency and accountability. The public needs assurance that these funds are used effectively and for the intended purposes.

The debate also highlights the need for a clear legal framework that delineates the roles and responsibilities of lawmakers in initiating and overseeing constituency projects. Such a framework would help in setting clear guidelines, reducing ambiguities, and ensuring that these projects contribute positively to national development.

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While the need for increased funding for constituency projects is evident, it must be balanced with a robust system of accountability. The Senate’s decision to reject the bill presents an opportunity to revisit and refine the proposal, ensuring that it aligns with the principles of good governance and effective resource management.

Did You Know?

  • Constituency Projects in Nigeria: Constituency projects are initiatives undertaken by lawmakers to address specific needs within their constituencies.
  • Funding Challenges: The allocation and management of funds for constituency projects have been a subject of debate and controversy in Nigeria.
  • Role of Lawmakers: Nigerian lawmakers play a crucial role in advocating for and overseeing the implementation of constituency projects.
  • Impact on Local Development: Well-executed constituency projects can significantly contribute to local development and improve the quality of life for residents.
  • Need for Transparency: Transparency and accountability in the management of constituency project funds are essential for gaining public trust and ensuring effective utilization of resources.


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