Wikes Administration Tears Down Famed Kilishi Market In Abuja

Wike’s Administration Tears Down Famed Kilishi Market in Abuja

The Federal Capital Territory Minister, Nyesom Wike, has overseen demolishing the renowned Kilishi market in Area 1 of Abuja.

The action took place on Monday, following a notice issued on Sunday by Muktar Galadima, the Director of Development Control at the Federal Capital Territory Administration.

The notice was part of a meeting with traders and shop owners in the area. Galadima stated that illegal constructions and parking lots had rendered the roads around the complex impassable.

He further explained that the market’s congested and unhygienic conditions posed risks to traders and customers.

The demolition aims to create space inside the market for parking and improve traffic flow.

The demolition of the famous Kilishi market in Abuja is a drastic measure that has both supporters and critics. On one hand, the move aims to address the market’s unhygienic conditions and traffic congestion.

However, the action raises questions about the government’s urban planning and development approach. Was adequate notice given to the traders and shop owners who depend on the market for their livelihoods?

Moreover, the demolition could have ripple effects on the local economy. Small businesses are the backbone of any economy, and their displacement could lead to unemployment and economic downturn.

The government must ensure that such actions are well-planned and considerate of the people they affect. Alternative solutions, such as market upgrades or relocations, should be explored before resorting to demolition.

Did You Know?

  • Kilishi is a dried meat snack popular in Nigeria and other parts of West Africa.
  • The Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria was created in 1976 and officially became Nigeria’s capital in 1991.
  • Area 1 is one of the districts in the Garki Area Council, a Local Government Area in the Federal Capital Territory.
  • The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) oversees Abuja’s overall planning, development, and administration.
  • Muktar Galadima, the Director of Development Control at the FCTA, has been involved in various urban planning initiatives in Abuja.


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