Anambra Health Commissioner Decries Staff Absence In Hospitals During Holidays1 1

Anambra Health Commissioner Decries Staff Absence in Hospitals During Holidays

Afam Obidike, the Anambra State Commissioner for Health, expressed his disappointment over the absence of health workers at some state general hospitals during the festive season. This observation came to light during his surprise visits to Ogidi General Hospital in Idemili North Local Government Area and Enugwu-Ukwu General Hospital in Njikoka Local Government Area, where he found no doctors on duty.

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The commissioner’s visits were intended to evaluate the commitment of health workers, especially during the festive period. He was dismayed to find the hospitals in disarray, with no signs of active staff presence. Obidike criticized the staff for their lack of dedication despite the Soludo administration’s significant investment in repositioning healthcare centres across the state. He noted that since taking office, the government had recruited various health professionals to improve the functionality of the 19 general hospitals, which previously suffered from a lack of personnel.

Obidike warned that 2024, the state’s Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Team would shut down government-owned and private healthcare facilities that did not meet standards. He emphasized that health workers from any closed government facility would face severe sanctions. The commissioner vowed to continue his unannounced visits to ensure that doctors and other health workers are present at their posts, providing necessary healthcare services to residents.


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The recent revelation by Anambra State’s Health Commissioner, Afam Obidike, about the absence of health workers in state hospitals during the holidays is a cause for concern. It highlights a critical issue in the healthcare system – the commitment of health workers to their duty, especially when their services are most needed. The festive season, often marked by increased emergencies, requires the presence and dedication of healthcare professionals.

The Soludo administration’s efforts to revamp the healthcare system by recruiting more personnel and investing in healthcare infrastructure are commendable. However, the effectiveness of these measures is significantly undermined when health workers are absent from their duty posts. This not only hampers the delivery of essential health services but also erodes public trust in the healthcare system.

The commissioner’s decision to conduct surprise visits and the subsequent threat to shut down non-compliant facilities serve as a wake-up call to health workers. It underscores the need for accountability and professionalism in the healthcare sector. Health workers play a vital role in society, and their absence can have dire consequences for needy patients.

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The Anambra State government must enforce compliance and investigate and address the underlying reasons for such absenteeism. Understanding and addressing these challenges is critical to ensuring that health workers are present and motivated to perform their duties effectively, whether due to inadequate working conditions, personnel shortages, or other factors.

The health and well-being of citizens should be the utmost priority. Ensuring that health workers are available and committed to their roles is essential in providing reliable and quality healthcare services. The Anambra State government’s proactive stance is a step in the right direction, but it must be accompanied by sustainable strategies to address the root causes of the problem.

Did You Know?

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  1. Anambra State, located in southeastern Nigeria, is known for its robust commercial activities and vibrant culture.
  2. The healthcare system in Nigeria faces challenges, including inadequate funding, insufficient medical personnel, and limited access to essential health services.
  3. General hospitals in Nigeria are crucial in providing healthcare services to a large population segment, especially in rural and semi-urban areas.
  4. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of healthcare workers and the need for resilient health systems.
  5. Governor Chukwuma Soludo, mentioned by the commissioner, is known for his efforts to improve various sectors in Anambra State, including healthcare.


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