Delta Governor Oborevwori Visits Ailing Labour Icon Kokori Offers Support

Delta Governor Oborevwori Visits Ailing Labour Icon Kokori, Offers Support

Delta State Governor, Sheriff Oborevwori, recently visited Chief Frank Kokori, the former General Secretary of the National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers, who is currently receiving medical care in a private hospital in Warri. Demonstrating a spirit of compassion and solidarity, Governor Oborevwori pledged the state government’s support in ensuring Kokori receives quality treatment.

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During his visit, the governor also extended his generosity to two other patients in the hospital, Nnadi Silas and Adenusi Michael, by paying their medical bills. This act of kindness was prompted after learning about Kokori’s critical health condition.

Governor Oborevwori, in his remarks, emphasized the importance of unity and support beyond political affiliations. He stated, “It is not a party matter now because we have finished the election and all of us are one. Whether he is APC or not, I’m the governor for all Deltans.”

In response, Kokori expressed his appreciation for the governor’s visit and support, noting the governor’s unbiased approach and commending him for his leadership qualities.

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Governor Sheriff Oborevwori’s visit to Chief Frank Kokori in the hospital is a commendable gesture that transcends political boundaries and underscores the essence of compassionate leadership. At Yohaig NG, we believe that such actions are vital in fostering a sense of community and solidarity, especially in times of personal hardship.

The governor’s decision to support not only a prominent figure like Kokori but also other patients in the hospital reflects a deep understanding of the responsibilities of leadership. It is a reminder that, despite political differences, empathy and kindness should remain at the heart of governance.

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This incident also highlights the importance of healthcare accessibility and the role of government in ensuring that citizens receive the medical attention they need. It serves as a call to action for leaders at all levels to prioritize healthcare and support those in need, regardless of their political or social status.

We encourage more leaders to follow Governor Oborevwori’s example, demonstrating that true leadership is about serving all citizens with fairness and compassion. Such acts not only strengthen the bonds within communities but also set a powerful example for future generations.

Did You Know?

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  • Chief Frank Kokori: A renowned labour leader, Kokori has been a significant figure in Nigeria’s labour movement.
  • Healthcare in Nigeria: Access to quality healthcare remains a challenge for many Nigerians, highlighting the need for improved medical facilities and services.
  • Political Unity: Instances like this show the importance of unity and cooperation beyond political affiliations, especially in addressing social issues.
  • Compassionate Leadership: Acts of kindness by leaders can have a profound impact on public perception and societal harmony.
  • Delta State: Known for its rich cultural heritage, Delta State is also a place where political and social leaders often set examples of unity and cooperation.




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