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Governor Ishaku Celebrates Eight-Year Revival of Taraba’s Health Sector

As Governor Darius Ishaku’s tenure in Taraba state draws close, he reflects on his administration’s significant success in restoring the state’s health sector.

Speaking at the launch of the state’s contributory health insurance agency’s formal sector health plan, the governor expressed satisfaction with the progress made over the past eight years.

He lamented the severe decay in the health sector his administration inherited due to neglect by previous governments.

Despite these challenges, the Ishaku-led administration made strides in infrastructure, renovating and re-equipping 168 Primary Health Centers across the state’s 168 Political Wards.

This renovation drive didn’t overshadow Secondary Health Care facilities. Three General Hospitals – General Hospital Wukari, General Hospital Gembu, and General Hospital Bambur – received significant upgrades, achieving specialist hospital status.

General Hospital Wukari has been handed over to the Federal University Wukari, becoming the university’s teaching hospital.

As his tenure winds down, Governor Ishaku sees the initiation of the State Contributory Health Insurance Scheme as a fitting parting gift for the people of Taraba state.

The State Commissioner for Health, Dr Innocent Vakkai, reported that over 26,000 individuals are already enrolled in the scheme.

NHIA’s Director-General, Prof. Mohammed Sambo, commended the initiative, urging the state’s health ministry to maintain the 25% budgetary provision for the contributory health scheme beyond Governor Ishaku’s tenure.


A Legacy of Health: Reflecting on Governor Ishaku’s Impact on Taraba’s Health Sector

When we measure a leader’s impact, we often look at their tangible transformations.

In the case of Taraba state Governor Darius Ishaku, his eight-year term brought remarkable revitalization to the state’s health sector, an area that preceding administrations had long neglected.

Upon his tenure, Governor Ishaku inherited a health sector in shambles. This, however, did not deter him. Instead, he embarked on a quest to rejuvenate the sector, renovating and re-equipping 168 Primary Health Centres across the state.

Secondary Health Care facilities were not left behind, with three general hospitals receiving upgrades, cementing his commitment to a robust healthcare system.

Detractors might argue that these developments were a mere fulfilment of administrative duty. Yet, given the sector’s previous state, these accomplishments highlight a focused leadership prioritizing healthcare.

Governor Ishaku’s decision to launch the State Contributory Health Insurance Scheme as a parting gift further amplifies his commitment to healthcare.

Over 26,000 individuals are enrolled in the scheme, a testament to the state’s residents’ belief in this initiative.

It is incumbent upon the succeeding administration and the state’s health ministry to continue this trajectory. However, NHIA’s Director-General’s suggestion to maintain the 25% budgetary provision for the health scheme is worth considering.

Leadership is about legacy, and Governor Ishaku’s efforts in the health sector will be remembered long after he leaves office.

His successors and other state leaders should note that investing in the health sector is not just a responsibility—it’s a testament to a leader’s commitment to the welfare of his people.

Did you know?

  • Governor Darius Ishaku’s administration renovated and re-equipped 168 Primary Health Centers in Taraba State.
  • Three general hospitals in the state were upgraded to specialist hospital status under his tenure.
  • Over 26,000 individuals are enrolled in Taraba State’s Contributory Health Insurance Scheme.
  • The Federal University Wukari now uses the upgraded General Hospital Wukari as its teaching hospital.

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