Nafdac Issues Alert On Chemically Ripened Fruits

NAFDAC Issues Alert on Chemically Ripened Fruits

NAFDAC has issued a stern warning against consuming chemically ripened fruits. The agency calls these fruits a health hazard.

The Director General of NAFDAC, Prof. Mojisola Adeyeye, spoke at a media workshop in Nasarawa State. The event focused on the dangers of drug hawking and chemically ripened fruits.

Dr Leonard Omopariola, representing the DG, highlighted the risks of calcium carbide in fruit ripening. He noted that this practice is dangerous and prevalent.

Chemically ripened fruits like bananas and mangoes lose their nutrients. They become toxic and can lead to diseases like cancer.

Prof. Adeyeye also discussed natural ripening methods. She mentioned using apple fruit to ripen bananas as a safer alternative.

Consumers are urged to inspect fruits before buying. Failure to do so could lead to health complications, including death.


NAFDAC’s recent warning is a critical reminder of the risks in our food market. Using chemicals like calcium carbide in fruit ripening is a public health crisis.

This practice not only degrades the nutritional value of fruits but also poses severe health risks. The government and regulatory bodies must act swiftly.

Regular market inspections and stringent penalties for offenders are essential. Public awareness campaigns can also play a significant role.

Consumers need to be more cautious and informed. Ignorance can lead to severe health complications, including life-threatening diseases.

The media has a role to play in educating the public. Consistent reporting on such issues can drive change and make food safety a public priority.

Did You Know?

  • Calcium carbide reacts with water to produce acetylene, which is used in fruit ripening.
  • Fruits ripened with calcium carbide can cause mouth ulcers and skin rashes.
  • Impurities like arsenic and phosphorus are often found in calcium carbide.
  • Continuous consumption of such fruits can lead to kidney problems and cancer.
  • Natural ripening methods like using apple fruit are safer and preserve nutrients.


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