Nma Warns Nigerians Prioritize Mental Health Amid Hardships

NMA Warns Nigerians: Prioritize Mental Health Amid Hardships

The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), particularly its Lagos State chapter, has issued a stern warning to Nigerians about the importance of maintaining mental health in the face of increasing economic challenges. This advisory comes against a backdrop of rising suicide cases across the country.

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Dr. Benjamin Olowojebutu, the Chairman of the NMA in Lagos, emphasized the critical need for emotional control to safeguard mental well-being. In a statement to Saturday PUNCH, he acknowledged the soaring cost of living and the rapid fluctuation in commodity prices, which are changing almost every 24 hours. Dr Olowojebutu stressed that these economic pressures could lead to depression if not managed properly.

He advised Nigerians to adopt strategies to cope with the current economic climate. These include cutting back on extravagant spending, ignoring destabilizing news, investing time in activities that bring joy, engaging in regular exercise, consulting with professional psychologists, and maintaining a positive outlook.

Dr Olowojebutu also highlighted the government’s responsibility to secure the nation’s borders and safeguard citizens’ mental health through its policies.

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The call by the Nigerian Medical Association for Nigerians to prioritize their mental health in these challenging economic times is both timely and crucial. At Yohaig NG, we recognize the profound impact economic hardships can have on mental well-being. The rising cost of living, coupled with the uncertainty and instability of the current economic environment, poses a significant threat to the mental health of many Nigerians.

The advice given by Dr Olowojebutu is practical and grounded in reality. It acknowledges the fact that while individuals have a role to play in managing their mental health, there is also a larger systemic issue that needs to be addressed. The government’s role in creating policies that not only protect but also promote mental health is indispensable.

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This situation also highlights the need for more robust mental health services in Nigeria. Access to professional psychological support, mental health awareness campaigns, and community support systems are essential in helping individuals navigate these difficult times.

We urge the government and relevant stakeholders to take this issue seriously and implement measures that will alleviate the economic burdens faced by Nigerians. Doing so will not only improve the mental health of individuals but also contribute to the overall health and productivity of the nation.

Did You Know?

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  • Mental Health in Nigeria: Mental health issues are often stigmatized in Nigeria, making it challenging for many to seek help.
  • Economic Hardship and Mental Health: There is a well-documented link between economic hardship and the deterioration of mental health.
  • The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA): This body plays a crucial role in advocating for health-related issues in Nigeria, including mental health.
  • Lagos State: As one of Nigeria’s most populous states, Lagos often sets the tone for health trends and policies in the country.
  • Global Mental Health: Mental health issues are a growing concern worldwide, with economic instability being a significant contributing factor.




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