60 Abducted At Katsina Wedding Rescue Ops Underway1

60 Abducted at Katsina Wedding, Rescue Ops Underway

The Katsina State Government has initiated rescue operations following the abduction of 60 wedding guests by gunmen in Damari town. The incident, which occurred around 9 pm on Thursday in the Sabuwa Local Government Area, involved guests returning from a wedding ceremony. They were ambushed by a terrorist gang while escorting a bride home, according to a resident’s account.

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Muazu Nasiru, the state’s Internal Security Commissioner, confirmed the government’s awareness and response to the kidnapping through his spokesman, Tukur Ali. The state’s Police Public Relations Officer, Abubakar Aliyu, further detailed that 35 women were among those kidnapped by the suspected armed bandits during the ambush between Sabuwa and Dandume LGAs. The police have since deployed intelligence and operational assets to ensure the victims’ safe and prompt rescue.

The attack not only targeted the wedding guests but also resulted in the death of three local security volunteers during an attempt to rescue the victims. The majority of the abducted were friends of the bride, travelling in an open van, with some managing to escape by jumping from the moving vehicle.

Sabuwa, the area of the abduction, is known for its agricultural significance but has also been heavily affected by banditry. Dandume Local Government Council’s Chairman, Alhaji Basiru Musa, confirmed the incident, noting that while some kidnapped women reportedly escaped, further verification is pending.

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In a related event, gunmen from the Siddi forest infiltrated Tashar Nadaya near Sabuwa, killing a commercial motorcycle rider and stealing his bike. They also attacked a group of four, seizing their motorcycles.


The recent abduction of 60 wedding guests in Katsina State is a stark reminder of the persistent security challenges facing Nigeria. This incident not only disrupts the joyous occasion of a wedding but also highlights the broader issue of banditry and terrorism plaguing certain regions. The swift response by the Katsina State Government and security forces is commendable, yet it underscores the urgent need for a more robust and proactive approach to national security.

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As a society, we must rally behind our security forces, providing them with the necessary support and information to combat these threats effectively. The collaboration between local communities and security agencies is crucial in this fight. Through unity and collective action, we can hope to restore peace and security to our communities.

This incident also calls for a deeper reflection on the socio-economic factors fueling insecurity in the country. Addressing issues such as poverty, unemployment, and education is essential in tackling the root causes of banditry and terrorism. Investing in our communities and providing viable alternatives to criminal activities can weaken the appeal of such destructive paths.

As we stand in solidarity with the victims and their families, let us also commit to a sustained and comprehensive effort to combat insecurity. Our resolve must be more vital than ever to ensure that such incidents do not become a norm in our society. We can build a safer, more prosperous Nigeria for future generations.

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Did You Know?

  • Katsina State, located in northwestern Nigeria, is part of the country’s cultural and historical heartland, with a rich heritage dating back centuries.
  • Nigeria’s diverse geography includes savannahs, forests, and a vast river system, which have historically facilitated various economic activities but also pose challenges for security operations.
  • Through initiatives like local vigilante groups, community engagement in security matters has been critical to Nigeria’s strategy to address rural banditry and insurgency.
  • The concept of “wedding guests” in Nigerian culture often extends beyond family and close friends, reflecting the communal nature of celebrations and social events.
  • Digital technology and communication advances are increasingly playing a role in security operations in Nigeria, from surveillance to information gathering and community alert systems.



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