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Jonathan: Security Challenges: A Nightmare During My Presidency

Article Summary

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  • Former President Goodluck Jonathan discloses his most significant challenge during his tenure was dealing with insecurity.
  • The remarks were made at the commissioning of a 22-kilometre road project in Taraba State.
  • Jonathan praised Governor Darius Ishaku for the project and reiterated the importance of security for progress.
  • Ishaku countered allegations about the state’s debt status and emphasized his administration’s focus on rural economic growth via infrastructure development.
  • Jonathan noted positive signs of the return to peaceful coexistence in Taraba.

News Story

Former President Goodluck Jonathan described the significance of security challenges as his most daunting concern during his 2010-2015 presidency.

The disclosure was made as he presided over the commissioning a substantial 22-kilometre road project in Taraba State.

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This upgraded Yola-Wukari road, which incorporates six pedestrian bridges and a flyover bridge, is a milestone in the state’s infrastructure.

Jonathan lauded Governor Darius Ishaku’s work, characterizing it as commendable.

He recalled his struggle with insecurity, emphasizing that the nation’s prosperity is closely tied to peaceful coexistence.

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The former president also highlighted the necessity of road infrastructure in national development.

Jonathan led the inauguration of the significant road project and launched the construction of a heavy-duty vehicle park on the outskirts of the state capital. In the process, he emphasized that security is ultimately a collective responsibility.

Echoing a sentiment of progress, Jonathan expressed his satisfaction that Taraba is showing signs of returning to the peaceful and tolerant times of yore.

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Ishaku seized the moment to elaborate on the importance of his administration’s road projects.

He asserted that these infrastructural developments connect rural communities to urban centres, thus unlocking the state’s agricultural potential.

Addressing financial concerns, the governor refuted reports suggesting Taraba is heavily indebted.

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He justified his administration’s focus on road construction to stimulate economic growth, particularly in rural regions, by revitalizing Taraba’s agricultural capabilities.


The Perennial Security Quandary: A Shared Responsibility

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In Nigeria, security has, over the years, morphed into a colossal challenge.

From the words of former President Goodluck Jonathan, it was his “worst nightmare” during his tenure, suggesting an arduous task in combating insecurity.

One might question the efficacy of such a sentiment, mainly coming from a former leader.

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Yet, it is not an admission of failure but an acknowledgement of the situation’s complexity.

Indeed, the responsibility of security rests significantly with the government; however, Jonathan’s statement emphasizes that the citizens are not mere spectators. Instead, he contends that security is “in the hands of the people,” implying that it is a shared responsibility.

Taraba State serves as a positive case in point. The recent unveiling of new road infrastructure aimed at economic growth and rural connectivity is a step in the right direction.

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As Governor Ishaku pointedly counters claims of excessive indebtedness, we see a leader leveraging infrastructural development as an antidote to economic stagnation.

Yet, economic growth will not flourish if security issues persist.

Jonathan’s call for the return to the “good old days” of peaceful coexistence is not merely nostalgic but a potent reminder of the power of unity and tolerance.

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His nightmare serves as a wake-up call for all Nigerians: the pressing need for all hands to be on deck in securing our nation, dispelling the clouds of insecurity, and pursuing sustainable development.

Let this challenge not deter us.

Instead, let us seize it as an opportunity for change, progress, and the revitalization of our great nation.

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Remember, the security of our nation is in our hands.

Did You Know?

  • Nigeria ranks 3rd in the Global Terrorism Index as of 2021.
  • Nigeria’s Economic Cost of Violence was estimated at $1,061 per person in 2020.
  • There are over 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria, making it one of the most ethnically diverse countries in Africa.
  • The Taraba State, known as “Nature’s Gift to the Nation,” is rich in agricultural resources with the potential to cultivate various cash crops.

As avid followers of Naija news today, we must be informed, proactive, and actively involved in the matters that directly influence us.

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Yohaig NG provides comprehensive, reliable, and timely information, empowering you to make informed decisions and contribute positively to our great nation.

We encourage you to join the conversation, express your views, and let’s collectively build a safe, progressive Nigeria.


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