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Kaduna: As Buhari’s Tenure Ends, 15 Kidnapped Church Members Still Held Captive, CAN Reports

With less than 24 hours until the conclusion of President Buhari’s term, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Kaduna State has expressed concern that 15 members of a local church remain captive following a kidnapping incident.

Rev. John Joseph Hayab, Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in Kaduna State, shared this distressing update with the press in Kaduna on Sunday. He voiced the association’s worry over the captive worshippers, highlighting that their safe return was a priority.

He detailed that the victims were among over 40 members of the Bege Baptist Church in Madallah, near Buruku in the Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State, who were abducted by bandits three weeks prior.

Despite attempts to secure their release, 15 kidnapped churchgoers remain in captivity.

“The bandits are making hefty demands. These poor villagers can’t afford to meet them. They are demanding bikes and cash. These are poor farmers who couldn’t even farm this year, and now their wives, children, and parents are held in the bush. Nobody is saying anything. Those in power seem more focused on their own gains,” Hayab lamented.

According to Hayab, the bandits released some captives, not due to a ransom being paid or any particular effort made for their release, but because the hostages were weak and the bandits thought some were dead.

Hayab appealed to the outgoing government to use their final 24 hours in power to rescue the captives. However, he urged the incoming government to prioritise the victims’ release if they fail.

He stressed the grief and disturbance this situation has brought to the Christian Association of Nigeria, indicating that their primary concern lies with the well-being of the captured community members.


Nigeria’s Unending Security Crisis: A Plea for Intervention

As we report on the worrying update from the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) about 15 abducted church members in Kaduna State, we again spotlight the persistent security crisis plaguing Nigeria.

This unfortunate incident is not an isolated one. Instead, it’s a recurring tale in a country battling escalating insecurity.

As Nigeria undergoes a government transition, we call on the incoming leadership to prioritise this pressing issue.

It’s time to enforce robust security measures and implement strategies to prevent these atrocities from repeating. Moreover, swift action should be taken to ensure the safe return of the abducted church members in Kaduna State.

The kidnapping of innocent citizens, especially within a place of worship, is a gross violation of human rights and an affront to religious freedom.

The Nigerian government, both outgoing and incoming, must ensure the safety and security of all its citizens.

It’s high time these responsibilities were taken seriously.

Did You Know?

  • Kaduna State in Nigeria has faced various security challenges, including banditry, kidnapping, and communal clashes.
  • The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is an umbrella organisation containing numerous Christian denominations in Nigeria.

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