Tense Night In Port Harcourt Armed Invasion At Factional Speakers Home

Tense Night in Port Harcourt: Armed Invasion at Factional Speaker’s Home

In a startling incident, the residence of Edison Ehie, the factional Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, was invaded by armed men, suspected to be police officers and political thugs. This event occurred in Port Harcourt, amidst a deepening crisis in the state legislature.

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Ehie, previously the Leader of the State House of Assembly, had declared himself Speaker following internal conflicts within the assembly. His claim to the speakership came after 24 lawmakers suspended him as House Leader, along with two other members. Despite the controversy, Ehie maintained that 26 lawmakers had unanimously elected him, leading to the suspension of some of his colleagues.

The details surrounding the attack on Ehie’s residence remain unclear, with no immediate reports of casualties or damage. However, it was gathered that his security team successfully repelled what was suspected to be an assassination attempt.

This incident coincided with a retreat in Abuja, attended by 27 lawmakers led by House Speaker, Martin Amaewhule, described as a capacity-building exercise. The state police command’s spokesperson, Grace Iringe-Koko, acknowledged being unaware of the incident but promised to investigate further.

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A statement from Ken Uchendu, identified as the Legislative Correspondent of the State House of Assembly, characterized the attack as an assassination attempt. It alleged the involvement of the head of a police tactical unit and unidentified others, warning that these officers would be held accountable for any harm to the Speaker and his family. The statement also mentioned that CCTV footage of the incident would be released to the media, including international outlets, for verification and record purposes.


The recent armed invasion at the home of Edison Ehie, the factional Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, is a disturbing development that underscores the volatile nature of political rivalries in Nigeria. This incident, occurring in the context of a legislative power struggle, raises serious concerns about the use of violence and intimidation in politics.

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The involvement of alleged police officers in the attack, if confirmed, is particularly troubling. It suggests a dangerous blurring of lines between law enforcement and political machinations. Such actions, if true, not only undermine the rule of law but also erode public trust in the institutions meant to protect and serve.

We call for a thorough and transparent investigation into this incident. Those responsible must be held accountable, regardless of their political affiliations or positions. This event should also serve as a wake-up call to political leaders and law enforcement agencies in Nigeria. The sanctity of democratic processes and the safety of public officials must be upheld at all times.

Did You Know?

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  • Legislative Power Struggles: Internal conflicts within legislative bodies can lead to significant political upheaval.
  • Role of Law Enforcement: The impartiality of law enforcement is crucial in maintaining public trust and political stability.
  • Political Violence: The use of violence in politics undermines democratic principles and the rule of law.
  • Public Officials’ Safety: Ensuring the safety of public officials is vital for the functioning of a healthy democracy.
  • Media’s Role: The media plays a critical role in reporting and scrutinizing political events, contributing to transparency and accountability.




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