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Zamfara Triumph: Five Kidnapped University Students Successfully Rescued

Article Summary

  • Five students of the Federal University Gusau in Zamfara State were rescued following their abduction.
  • The police revealed that kidnappers invaded a house, taking N200,000 before proceeding to a student apartment.
  • The assailants kidnapped two male and three female students and moved them to an undisclosed location.
  • Two students were rescued shortly after the incident, with the remaining three found later in a forest.
  • The victims were treated medically and then reunited with their families.

News Story

In a triumphant turn, the Zamfara State Police Command successfully rescued five students from the Federal University Gusau who had been taken, hostage.

According to the Commissioner of Police in Zamfara State, Mohammed Bunu, armed individuals suspected of being kidnappers raided the home of one Isah Mai Bread in the Sabon Gari region of Damba village, Gusau Local Government Area (LGA).

The assailants extracted N200,000 from the homeowner before moving to a nearby student apartment. They abducted two male and three female students there, whisking them off to an unknown location.

On being alerted to the situation, the Divisional Police Officer of Damba Division promptly mobilized a striking force to commence search and rescue operations. As a result, two victims, Blessing Matthew and Comfort Olola, were swiftly located and taken to the police clinic for treatment.

Meanwhile, the Command fortified the striking force of the division to ensure the rescue of the remaining victims.

As a result, the operations team intercepted the kidnappers at the Karazau forest of Damba village.

Upon sighting the police, the bandits fled and abandoned the remaining three students.

The commissioner confirmed that all the rescued victims were taken to the hospital for medical attention before reuniting with their families.

He also emphasized that efforts are intensifying to apprehend the suspects who managed to escape.


Insecurity in Our Varsities: A Clear and Present Danger

The unfolding issue of insecurity in our tertiary institutions, highlighted by the recent abduction of five students in Zamfara, calls for sober reflection and a clarion call for decisive action.

In acknowledging the daring efforts of these criminals, we must equally note the valiant response by our security forces that culminated in the successful rescue of all the abducted students.

We urge our security outfits to consistently demonstrate this level of efficiency and commitment to assure our students, their parents, and the general public of safety within our educational institutions.

Students, the future of our nation, must be able to pursue their education in a safe and secure environment.

Yet, despite concerted efforts to curb such criminal activities, the persistence underlines the issue’s complexity.

While it is incumbent on our security forces to ensure the safety of our citizens, we must also understand that they alone cannot solve this problem.

We all have a part to play. The government, educational institutions, parents, and students must collectively take responsibility.

Our recommendation is clear: Invest in intelligence, enhance security infrastructure, and foster an atmosphere that discourages such criminal activities.

We urge the government to work closely with varsities to ensure the safety of students and staff.

After all, an attack on our educational institutions is an attack on our future.

Did You Know?

  • As of 2021, Nigeria has 43 federal universities, 52 state universities, and 79 private universities.
  • Zamfara State, in the North West of Nigeria, was created in 1996 and is home to Federal University Gusau, established in 2013.
  • The Global Terrorism Index reported in 2021 that Nigeria ranks third globally among countries most affected by terrorism.
  • As of the last census in 2006, Zamfara State had over 3.2 million people.
  • The Nigeria Police Force, established in 1930, has a staff strength of about 371,800 officers as of 2021.

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