Customs Intercept Counterfeit 10000 Hand Over To Efcc

Customs Intercept Counterfeit $10,000, Hand Over to EFCC

The Nigeria Customs Service at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Command has made a significant seizure of counterfeit currency. They handed over fake $10,000 to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). The seizure was linked to a 41-year-old suspect, Ifeanachor Ugbor, who was apprehended in connection with the crime.

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The Customs Public Relations Officer, Juliana Tomo, announced the development in a statement on Saturday. She explained that Ugbor, en route to Brazil, violated the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act of Nigeria. This seizure comes shortly after the redeployment of Charles Orbih as the new Customs Area Controller at the airport.

Ugbor, a Nigerian from Enugu State, was detained for further investigation after declaring the sum on a currency declaration form. However, upon examination, the officers discovered that the entire amount was counterfeit. The Customs Area Controller, Orbih, praised the diligence of his officers, emphasizing their readiness to combat customs-related crimes.

The suspect, along with the counterfeit currency, his valid Nigerian passport, two phones, and his baggage, were handed over to the EFCC for further action.

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The recent seizure of counterfeit currency by the Nigeria Customs Service is a commendable feat in the fight against financial crimes. This incident highlights the ongoing challenges in curbing money laundering and counterfeit currency circulation, which pose significant threats to the economic stability of Nigeria.

The vigilance and thoroughness of the customs officers at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport are exemplary. Their actions not only prevented a significant amount of counterfeit currency from entering circulation but also underscored the importance of stringent checks and balances at entry points.

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This successful interception and the subsequent handover to the EFCC demonstrate effective inter-agency collaboration. It is crucial to maintain such vigilance and cooperation to safeguard the nation’s financial system from such illicit activities.

Did You Know?

  • Counterfeiting currency is a serious crime that can destabilize a country’s economy and financial systems.
  • The Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos is one of Nigeria’s major points of entry and requires stringent security measures to prevent illegal activities.
  • Collaboration between different government agencies, such as the Customs Service and the EFCC, is essential in tackling complex financial crimes.
  • Advanced security features in currencies are constantly being developed to combat counterfeiting.
  • Public awareness and reporting of suspicious financial activities play a vital role in preventing and detecting financial crimes.


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