Dss Operative Detained Over Abuja Market Shooting Spree

DSS Operative Detained Over Abuja Market Shooting Spree

The Commissioner of Police for the Federal Capital Territory, Haruna Garba, has confirmed the arrest and detention of a Department of State Services (DSS) operative. The operative was involved in a shooting incident at a market in Abuja, leaving several people injured.

The incident occurred after a disagreement between the DSS operative and a fashion designer. The operative had been brought to the designer’s shop by a client who was dissatisfied with the service.

The situation escalated, leading to the DSS operative firing shots indiscriminately, injuring several people.

The police have quelled a violent protest that erupted following the shooting. Victims of the incident are currently receiving medical treatment in various Abuja hospitals.

Peter Afunanya, the spokesman for the DSS, stated that the agency is investigating the matter. He assured the public that disciplinary measures would be taken against the operative if found culpable.

The recent shooting incident involving a DSS operative in an Abuja market is a glaring example of the misuse of power by security agents. It’s not just an isolated event; it’s a symptom of a larger issue plaguing Nigeria’s security apparatus.

The incident raises serious questions about the training and discipline of security agents. It also highlights the need for stringent oversight and accountability mechanisms to prevent such incidents.

Immediate action is required. The government must ensure that security agents are properly trained and held accountable for their actions. Transparency in investigations and disciplinary measures are essential to restore public trust.

Did You Know?

  • The Department of State Services (DSS) is one of the three successor organisations to the National Security Organization, dissolved in 1986.
  • Nigeria has multiple security agencies, including the Police, Army, and DSS, each with its own mandate and jurisdiction.
  • The concept of “citizen’s arrest” exists in Nigerian law, allowing ordinary people to detain someone they believe has committed a crime until the police arrive.
  • The use of firearms by security agents is regulated by the “Police Act” and other legal frameworks.
  • The term “shoot to kill” is often used to describe a controversial policy that allows law enforcement to use lethal force.


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