Police Debunk Myths Of Mens Disappearing Private Parts In Calabar

Police Debunk Myths of Men’s Disappearing Private Parts in Calabar

The Cross River police command has quashed rumours about the vanishing of men’s private parts in Calabar. Spokesperson SP Irene Ugbo clarified while presenting 13 suspects apprehended in August.

Ugbo stated that their investigations revealed the rumours to be unfounded. She emphasized that there was no truth to claims of disappearing manhood in the city.

The police warned against the spread of false information. Notably, they cautioned against using social media as a platform for such misinformation.

Among the 13 suspects, some were linked to the kidnapping of Prof. Ekanem Ephraim. The Consultant Neurologist professor was abducted from her home in Calabar on July 13.

Ugbo mentioned that the police are following leads to apprehend the kidnappers. She urged the public to assist in providing information to tackle kidnapping in the state.


The Importance of Fact-Checking in the Age of Social Media

The recent dispelling of rumours by the Cross River police command serves as a crucial reminder of the importance of fact-checking in today’s digital age. Falsehoods, especially those that can incite panic or harm, must be promptly addressed and debunked by authorities.

The police’s proactive approach in this case is commendable. It quells unnecessary panic and restores public trust in law enforcement agencies.

However, the onus is not solely on the authorities. The public must also exercise due diligence in verifying information before sharing it, especially on social media platforms.

The incident also highlights law enforcement’s challenges in dealing with criminal activities. Public cooperation in sharing prompt and accurate intelligence is critical to solving security issues.

Did You Know?

  • Calabar is the capital city of Cross River State in Nigeria.
  • The city is known for its annual Calabar Carnival, one of the largest street parties in Africa.
  • Cross River State is named after the Cross River, which flows through the state.
  • SP Irene Ugbo, the police spokesperson, is one of the few female police spokespeople in Nigeria.
  • Kidnapping for ransom is a significant security concern in many parts of Nigeria.


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