Ex Governor Sani Bello Forgoes Pension Citing Dual Role As Senator 1

Ex-Governor Sani Bello Forgoes Pension, Citing Dual Role as Senator

The former Governor of Niger State, Senator Sani Bello, has formally requested the suspension of his pension and allowances as an ex-governor. He communicated this in a letter to the current Governor, Mohammed Bago, dated September 6.

Sani Bello stated that receiving pensions as a former governor and payments as a senator would be ethically and morally incorrect. He was inaugurated as a senator representing Niger North in the 10th Senate on September 13, 2023.

The suspension will last for the duration of his service as a senator. The former governor emphasized that the rest should remain in effect until he notifies the government otherwise.


Senator Sani Bello’s decision to suspend his pension and allowances as a former governor is a commendable act of integrity. It sets a precedent for other public figures who hold multiple offices, highlighting the importance of ethical conduct in governance.

This move raises questions about the existing system that allows public figures to draw multiple salaries from the government. Is it time to review and possibly amend the laws that permit such practices?

Sani Bello’s action also serves as a challenge to other politicians. It prompts them to consider the ethical implications of their actions, especially when they hold multiple roles that could potentially conflict with each other.

Did You Know?

  • Niger State is the largest state in Nigeria by land area, covering approximately 76,363 square kilometres.
  • The 10th Senate of Nigeria was inaugurated in 2023, and it is one of the critical legislative bodies in the country.
  • In Nigeria, pensions for former governors have been a subject of public debate, with many calling for reforms.
  • Sani Bello is not the first Nigerian politician to decline benefits; former Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola denied his pension in 2015.
  • According to a 2019 report, Nigeria spent over N37.3 billion on pensions and gratuities for former governors and their deputies.


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