Kwara Inferno Ravages Shops Causes N4.6 Million Loss

Kwara Inferno Ravages Shops, Causes N4.6 Million Loss

A devastating fire outbreak in the Basin Road area of Ilorin, Kwara State, resulted in significant losses early Saturday morning. The Kwara State Fire Service reported that the blaze, which began around 2:06 am at No. 48 Basin Road, opposite the CAC Church in the Ilorin South Local Government Area, engulfed a block of eight shops.

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The fire service’s Head of Media and Publicity, Hassan Adekunle, identified a power surge as the cause of the fire. Thanks to the prompt response of the fire crew, only two out of the eight shops were destroyed. However, property worth N4.6 million was lost to the inferno. The firemen, who arrived swiftly at the scene, managed to bring the blaze under control by 2:20 am.

Falade John, the Director of the State Fire Service, advised the public to switch off electrical appliances when not in use to prevent such incidents.


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The recent fire incident in Kwara State, which led to the loss of goods worth N4.6 million, is a stark reminder of the dangers posed by electrical hazards. This incident underscores the importance of fire safety awareness and the need for stringent measures to prevent such disasters.

The quick response of the Kwara State Fire Service in controlling the fire and limiting the damage is commendable. However, this incident highlights the need for more proactive measures in fire prevention, particularly in commercial areas where the risk is higher. Regular electrical inspections, public awareness campaigns on fire safety, and the installation of fire detection and suppression systems are critical steps in mitigating such risks.

This event serves as a reminder of the importance of insurance for business owners. Insurance can provide a safety net against such unforeseen disasters, helping businesses to recover and sustain their livelihoods.

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While the response to the fire was effective, there is a pressing need for more comprehensive fire safety strategies. These should include both preventive measures and public education to ensure that such incidents are minimized, and their impact is mitigated.

Did You Know?

  • Kwara State, located in the North Central region of Nigeria, has experienced several fire incidents in recent years, highlighting the need for improved fire safety measures.
  • Electrical fires are one of the leading causes of fire outbreaks in Nigeria, often due to poor wiring, overloaded circuits, and the use of substandard electrical materials.
  • Fire safety awareness and education are crucial in preventing fire incidents, especially in densely populated and commercial areas.
  • The implementation of regular electrical safety inspections can significantly reduce the risk of fire outbreaks in both residential and commercial buildings.
  • Effective collaboration between fire services, local authorities, and communities is essential in developing comprehensive fire prevention and response strategies.


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