Rivers State Police Refute Assassination Claims On Lawmaker

Rivers State Police Refute Assassination Claims on Lawmaker

The Rivers State Police Command has categorically dismissed allegations of an assassination attempt on Edison Ehie, the factional Speaker of the state House of Assembly. The incident, initially reported as an armed invasion at Ehie’s residence in Port Harcourt, was clarified by the police as a routine patrol.

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Commissioner of Police, Tunji Disu, addressed the media in Port Harcourt, stating that preliminary investigations revealed no evidence of an assassination attempt. He urged Ehie to provide any additional information he might have about the incident.

The confusion arose when armed individuals, dressed in police uniforms, were seen at Ehie’s residence around 11 pm on Sunday. Disu emphasized that the officers were part of a convoy patrol, a standard practice, and there was no cause for alarm. He also offered his contact details for any further complaints or information.

This clarification comes amidst a backdrop of political tension in the state. Ehie, previously the House Leader, had declared himself Speaker following a crisis in the state legislature. This move led to his suspension, along with two other members, by 24 lawmakers. The alleged attack coincided with a retreat in Abuja attended by 27 lawmakers, including House Speaker Martin Amaewhule.

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The incident involving Edison Ehie and the subsequent police clarification highlights the delicate nature of political tensions in Rivers State. The swift dismissal of the assassination claims by the police is a reminder of the importance of thorough investigation and clear communication in such sensitive matters.

In politically charged environments, law enforcement must maintain neutrality and transparency. This approach not only ensures justice but also helps in de-escalating potential conflicts. The Rivers State Police Command’s handling of the situation, therefore, sets a precedent for how similar incidents should be managed.

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The incident underscores the need for political stability and dialogue in resolving legislative disputes. The ongoing crisis in the Rivers State House of Assembly, which led to the emergence of factional leaders, reflects deeper issues that require careful and inclusive political solutions.

Did You Know?

  • Political Factionalism: Factionalism in politics can lead to instability and hinder effective governance.
  • Role of Law Enforcement: Neutral and transparent law enforcement is crucial in maintaining order during political disputes.
  • Legislative Crises: Crises in legislative bodies can significantly impact the law-making process and overall political climate.
  • Conflict Resolution: Effective conflict resolution mechanisms are essential in resolving political disputes and ensuring democratic processes.
  • Public Perception: How such incidents are handled can greatly influence public perception and trust in political and law enforcement institutions.


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