Afenifere Abolishes Acting Leader Role Calls For State Police1

Afenifere Abolishes Acting Leader Role, Calls for State Police

Afenifere, the pan-Yoruba socio-political organization, announced on Wednesday the abolition of the office of the acting leader, previously held by Pa Ayo Adebanjo. This decision coincides with the group’s renewed call for establishing state police amid escalating security concerns in Nigeria. The announcement was made in a communique issued after Afenifere’s monthly meeting at the residence of its National Leader, Pa Reuben Fasoranti, and read by the group’s Publicity Secretary, Mr. Jare Ajayi.

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The communique stated, “In light of recent events and the pressing need to reposition and rejuvenate Afenifere, it has been decided that the position of Acting Leader and Deputy Leader have now been abrogated.” The group has formed the Afenifere Elders Caucus, with Fasoranti as the leader and Adebanjo as a member, alongside other notable figures.

The Elders Caucus includes prominent members such as Oba Olu Falae, Senator Cornelius Adebayo, Senator Femi Okunrounmu, Basorun Seinde Arogbofa, Senator Kofo Bucknor-Akerele, Archbishop Prince Ayo Ladigbolu, Lt. Gen Alani Akinrinade (retd), Maj. Gen. Olu Bajowa (retd), Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi, and Prof Banji Akintoye.

Afenifere also expressed concern over Nigeria’s socio-economic and security situation, emphasizing the need for restructuring as a path to a better and revitalized nation. The group highlighted the urgency of reworking the country’s security architecture, advocating for states and local government councils to have the authority to establish their police services. This move, they believe, would significantly reduce the incidences of kidnapping and banditry.

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The recent explosion in Ibadan exemplifies why federating units should control mineral resources, particularly mining and exploration. Afenifere urged President Bola Tinubu to initiate steps towards true federalism, allowing for self-determination within a united, democratic, and federal nation.


The recent restructuring within Afenifere, including the abolition of the acting leader role and the formation of the Elders Caucus, marks a significant shift in the organization’s approach to addressing the challenges facing the Yoruba nation and Nigeria. This move, coupled with the call for establishing state police, reflects a proactive stance towards tackling the country’s rising insecurity and broader socio-political issues.

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The demand for state police is a critical step towards decentralizing Nigeria’s security apparatus, which is currently overwhelmed by its challenges. Allowing states to establish their police forces could lead to more effective and localized responses to security threats, thereby enhancing the safety and well-being of citizens.

Afenifere’s emphasis on restructuring the country resonates with the growing call for a more equitable and functional federal system. The recent Ibadan explosion underscores the need for states to have greater control over their resources and security, highlighting the limitations of the current centralized system.

As Afenifere continues to advocate for these changes, it is crucial for other socio-political groups and the government to engage in constructive dialogue and take concrete steps towards addressing these pressing issues. The path to a more secure and prosperous Nigeria lies in our collective ability to embrace reform and work collaboratively towards common goals.

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Did You Know?

  1. Afenifere is a prominent Yoruba socio-political organization known for its advocacy for the rights and interests of the Yoruba people.
  2. The concept of state police has been debated in Nigeria, with proponents arguing for its potential to improve local security.
  3. Restructuring in Nigeria often refers to the call for a more balanced distribution of power and resources among the country’s federating units.
  4. The Elders Caucus in organizations like Afenifere is crucial in providing guidance and making strategic decisions.
  5. The recent explosion in Ibadan has brought to the forefront the need for better management of resources and security at the state level.



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