Fg Orders Chevron To Resolve Delta State Community Dispute1

FG Orders Chevron to Resolve Delta State Community Dispute

The Federal Government has mandated Chevron Nigeria Limited to resolve ongoing disputes with communities in the company’s Warri exploration and production area in Delta State. This directive concerns the composition and naming of the Host Communities Trust Fund. Chevron and the communities, including Ugbororo, Ugbegugun, and Dembele in Warri South Local Government, have been urged to maintain peace while the matter is resolved.

The conflict arose over the naming of the host community trust fund and the composition of its Board of Trustees. Residents from the three communities had protested at the Escravos Terminal area, accusing Chevron of violating the Petroleum Industry Act (2021).

At a meeting in Abuja, the Chief Executive of the Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC), Gbenga Komolafe, instructed Chevron to address the issue within two weeks. To be supervised by the NUPRC’s Warri Regional Office, the resolution process must comply with the Petroleum Industry Act, re-composing the Board of Trustees and properly delineating and naming the fund.


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The Federal Government’s intervention in the dispute between Chevron Nigeria Limited and the communities in Delta State is a significant step towards ensuring corporate accountability and community rights. This situation highlights the often complex relationship between multinational corporations and local communities, especially in resource-rich areas like the Niger Delta.

The directive for Chevron to resolve the dispute within two weeks underlines the urgency of the matter and the government’s commitment to enforcing compliance with the Petroleum Industry Act. This landmark legislation Act aims to bring more transparency and fairness to Nigeria’s oil and gas sector. Chevron and the affected communities must adhere to the Act’s provisions to ensure a fair and equitable resolution.

The involvement of local communities in decisions that affect their livelihoods and environment is crucial. The dispute over the Host Communities Trust Fund’s naming and board composition is more than just a procedural issue; it reflects deeper concerns about community participation and benefit-sharing in exploiting natural resources.

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This dispute-resolution process is an opportunity to set a precedent for handling conflicts between multinational corporations and host communities. It is a chance to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Petroleum Industry Act in protecting community rights and promoting responsible corporate behaviour. Let’s hope this situation is resolved amicably and serves as a model for future engagements between corporations and communities.

Did You Know?

  1. The Niger Delta region of Nigeria, where Delta State is located, is one of the most oil-rich areas in Africa. Still, it has also been a hotspot for environmental and social conflicts.
  2. The Petroleum Industry Act (2021) was enacted to overhaul the regulatory framework for Nigeria’s oil and gas sector, aiming to increase transparency and ensure fair distribution of resources.
  3. Host Community Trust Funds are established under the Petroleum Industry Act to ensure that communities affected by oil and gas operations receive direct social and economic benefits.
  4. Conflicts between oil companies and host communities in Nigeria often arise from issues related to environmental degradation, unemployment, and lack of infrastructure development.
  5. The Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC) is crucial in regulating the oil and gas sector and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.


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