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Adebutu, PDP Candidate, Pursued by Debt, Ambition, and Ego, Alleges Ogun APC

In a recent statement, the Ogun State All Progressives Congress (APC) labeled Ladi Adebutu, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the preceding governorship election, a “jester pursued by his creditors, ego, and unfulfilled political aspiration.”

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This statement was issued by Tunde Oladunjoye, the Publicity Secretary for Ogun APC, on Monday.

Oladunjoye’s reaction comes in response to a news report attributed to Adebutu, who conceded defeat in the March 19, 2023 governorship election, claiming he has taken refuge due to an alleged “threat to his life.”

The APC, now in power, dismissed Adebutu’s allegations as “excessive theatrics.

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Reliable sources informed Vanguard that Adebutu had gone into hiding, citing threats to his life.

He stated that the State Security Service (SSS) had recalled its officers deployed to him, and the police had also lessened their presence.

This move left him vulnerable, especially after the SSS and police reduced their protection.

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Adebutu claimed to have credible intelligence about plans to abduct him before the conclusion of his petition.

In response, Oladunjoye stated,

“It’s hard to believe that someone who aspired to govern a state like Ogun is unaware that security details are typically downscaled post-elections, except for key officials like the President, Vice-President, or Governor.

“Perhaps, he desires to continue exploiting security operatives funded by taxpayers, as he did during the last governorship election, when he traversed from Ogun East senatorial district to others, in flagrant violation of Electoral laws and guidelines,” added the statement.

The APC advised Adebutu to

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“honour his commitments promptly, settle his numerous creditors, agents, officials, and contractors, and cease his futile attempts at reputation management.”

“It’s noteworthy that a letter of appointment by PDP/Adebutu to one of his minions recently went viral. The latest spectacle is his bizarre request for security coverage on par with an elected state governor!

“Adebutu needs to abandon these delusions and brace himself to face the consequences of his and his disorganized party’s actions during the last elections. He may try to escape, but he cannot forever evade the long arm of the law”, the statement concluded.

Editorial Note: The Circus of Adebutu’s Post-Election Saga

In the grand theater of Nigerian politics, the spotlight is currently on Ladi Adebutu.

The defeated Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate in Ogun State has been labeled by the All Progressives Congress (APC) as a “jester pursued by his creditors, ego, and unfulfilled political aspiration.”

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While this characterization may seem harsh, it is a stark reminder of the political realities often glossed over in the heat of election campaigns.

Adebutu’s recent claims of life threats and his retreat into hiding have raised eyebrows.

His allegations come at a time when it’s common for security details to be downsized post-elections, except for critical officials.

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Hence, the APC’s retort to his outcry, labeling it “excessive theatrics,” seems less of a dismissal and more of a reality check.

The implications of this post-election saga are manifold.

It exposes the often neglected issue of politicians exploiting state resources for personal gains.

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Adebutu’s alleged breach of Electoral laws and guidelines during the last governorship election – a grave accusation made by APC – raises questions about the overall integrity of the electoral process.

In a nation striving for democratic growth and stability, such violations, if true, should be thoroughly investigated and penalized.

Adebutu’s alleged debts to creditors, agents, officials, and contractors also point to a culture of financial irresponsibility and non-accountability that must be addressed.

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The APC’s advice to Adebutu to promptly honor his commitments is more than just a political jab; it underscores our leaders’ fundamental expectation of financial prudence.

Moreover, the recent viral letter of appointment by PDP/Adebutu to one of his minions and his bizarre request for security coverage on par with an elected state governor exposes a troubling sense of entitlement.

Such behavior does little to inspire confidence in the PDP, which must carefully reevaluate its selection of candidates to regain the trust of the Nigerian electorate.

Given these circumstances, it’s critical that our political leaders, regardless of their party affiliations, adhere to a higher standard of conduct.

The law must be applied consistently and impartially to ensure justice.

To that end, the APC’s assertion that Adebutu “can only run, but cannot hide forever from the long arms of the law” should not be an empty threat but a promise of impartial justice.

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It is high time that the Nigerian political system holds its players accountable, ensuring they face the consequences of their actions.

Did You Know?

  1. The Ogun State is the cradle of education in Nigeria and has very high literacy rates compared to other states.
  2. The State Security Service (SSS), also known as the Department of State Services (DSS), is Nigeria’s primary domestic intelligence agency.
  3. With a population of over 200 million, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous in the world.

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