Akeredolu Dismisses Deputys Apology Calls For Legislative Inquiry

Akeredolu Dismisses Deputy’s Apology, Calls for Legislative Inquiry

Ondo State Governor, Mr Rotimi Akeredolu, has declined the apology extended by his deputy, Mr Lucky Aiyedatiwa, concerning the political turmoil that has recently enveloped the state. The governor’s response, conveyed by his Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties and Strategy, Dr Doyin Odebowale, also refuted some assertions made by Aiyedatiwa in his apology. The governor emphasised that his deputy should address the allegations before the state House of Assembly.

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Aiyedatiwa, during a press conference in Akure, expressed his regret over the distress and negative publicity the governor has endured due to the ongoing political discord. He attributed the unrest to opportunistic politicians and reaffirmed his loyalty to the governor. He also denied any involvement in protests against Akeredolu.

However, Odebowale, speaking on the governor’s behalf, challenged Aiyedatiwa’s claim that Akeredolu had intervened in the crisis. He also questioned the deputy governor’s denial of sponsoring protests against Akeredolu. Odebowale further criticised Aiyedatiwa’s reference to Akeredolu’s health issues during the political upheaval.

The unfolding political drama in Ondo State underscores the fragile nature of political alliances and the importance of trust in governance. The public apology by the deputy governor and the subsequent rebuttal by the governor’s office highlights a deeper rift that goes beyond mere political disagreements.

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While it’s commendable that Mr Aiyedatiwa took a step to publicly apologise, the essence of his apology seems to have been lost amid political manoeuvring. The citizens of Ondo State deserve a government that is united in its purpose and vision. The ongoing discord not only distracts from governance but also erodes public trust.

Both leaders need to rise above personal differences and focus on the greater good of the state. The allegations levelled against the deputy governor are serious and warrant a thorough investigation. However, this should be done transparently and without any prejudice.

We urge the Ondo State House of Assembly to conduct a fair and unbiased inquiry into the matter. The findings of this investigation will be crucial in restoring public trust and ensuring that the state’s governance is not compromised. The people of Ondo State deserve nothing less than a government that is transparent, accountable, and dedicated to their welfare.

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Did You Know?

  • Ondo State, located in the southwestern region of Nigeria, is known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse ethnic groups.
  • The state is a major producer of cocoa, palm oil, rubber, and timber in Nigeria.
  • Ondo State is home to the Idanre Hills, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • The state’s capital, Akure, is one of the most developed cities in the southwestern region of Nigeria.
  • Ondo State has a thriving arts and crafts industry, with the production of traditional textiles, beadwork, and pottery.



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