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Delta State Governor Okowa Pleads for Forgiveness Amid Cabinet Departure

In a heartfelt appeal, Delta State Governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, has implored State Executive Council members, who may feel their expectations were not met during his tenure, to pardon him. Similarly, he revealed he had forgiven those who might have fallen short of his expectations.

During the final meeting of the State Executive Council, Okowa stressed the importance of forgiveness, regardless of the depth of hurt experienced. As he reflected on the recently concluded presidential election, he acknowledged that every situation presents lessons to be learned.

He extended his gratitude to Deltans, local traditional rulers, religious heads, and the media for their role in spotlighting the activities of the state government.

According to Okowa, the achievements of his administration owe much to the tireless efforts of the State Executive Council. Not only have they built tangible infrastructures like bridges, but they have also fostered unity among diverse ethnic groups in Delta state.

He underscored the significance of this unity for the state’s continued pursuit of development.

Okowa highlighted the transformative power of his administration’s projects, ranging from road and bridge infrastructures to health care initiatives. These projects, especially the youth entrepreneurship programs, have positively impacted the youth, transforming them into entrepreneurs and employers.

He emphasised the courage it took to bring tangible development to neglected riverine communities, traditionally excused due to challenging terrains. His administration, he noted, has boldly countered this narrative, bringing development to rural and riverine areas across the state.

Okowa further acknowledged the peace and security achieved during his eight-year tenure due to the State Exco’s collaboration with security agencies.

Specifically, he praised the Commissioner for Oil and Gas, Prince Emmanuel Amgbaduba, and the Special Adviser to the Governor on Peace Building, Chief Edwin Uzor, for securing harmony between oil firms and host communities.

As his administration drew to a close, Okowa encouraged members of the State Executive Council to support the incoming government. He concluded by instructing the State Executive Council to stay in office until midnight Sunday, May 28, 2023.


A Plea for Forgiveness and a Pledge for Progress

An era ends in Delta State as Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, the outgoing governor, makes a heartfelt plea for forgiveness during the final meeting of the State Executive Council. Yet, amid these feelings of regret and reconciliation, a pertinent question arises: What lessons can be drawn from Okowa’s administration for the incoming government?

An opposition’s standpoint would argue that the appeal for forgiveness indicates a consciousness of shortcomings during his tenure. It might suggest unfulfilled promises and potentially dashed hopes for Deltans. But this point of view, while valid, could overlook an essential facet of Okowa’s administration – its commitment to progress.

Governor Okowa’s administration witnessed numerous transformative infrastructural projects, from roads to bridges, demonstrating a drive for physical development. Furthermore, the strides in fostering unity among Delta State’s diverse ethnic groups cannot be undermined. Therefore, a vital lesson for the incoming government here is prioritising unity as a critical ingredient for state development.

Regarding economic empowerment, the youth entrepreneurship programmes initiated during Okowa’s administration have been a beacon of progress. This initiative has proven to catalyse change and growth by turning young individuals into entrepreneurs and employers. Hence, it is a vital blueprint for the incoming administration to emulate and enhance.

The significant steps taken to develop neglected riverine communities are worth noting, demonstrating that ‘difficult terrain’ should never excuse neglect. It’s a bold statement that developmental projects should extend to all corners of the state, regardless of geographical challenges.

Nonetheless, for the future growth and development of Delta State, it’s essential that the incoming administration, led by Oborevwori, takes the achievements of the Okowa administration as a stepping stone, not a destination. More incredible strides must be made in infrastructure, unity, entrepreneurship, and extending development to all communities.

To ensure a smooth transition and a prosperous future for Delta State, we implore the Oborevwori administration to embrace the lessons from the past, foster unity, and propel the state towards a brighter future.

Did You Know?

  • Delta state is home to over 4 million people, making it one of the most populous states in Nigeria.
  • The state is rich in oil and is one of the top oil-producing states in the country.
  • Delta state is culturally diverse, with over 20 ethnic groups cohabiting peacefully.
  • The state is blessed with many tourist attractions, including the Lander Brothers Anchorage in Asaba, which was the landing site of the early Christian missionaries.
  • Delta State is notable for entrepreneurship, with its youth engaging in various activities.

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