Ekiti Pdp Leader Defends Fayose Amid Suspension Calls

Ekiti PDP Leader Defends Fayose Amid Suspension Calls

Lere Olayinka, a prominent figure in Ekiti State’s Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has defended former governor Ayodele Fayose. He criticised those advocating for Fayose’s suspension from the party.

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Olayinka labelled them as “political almajiris” searching for an elusive lifeline. In a recent statement, he highlighted the irony of these individuals not realising that election times are over with its associated benefits.

Olayinka, who once vied for a seat in the House of Representatives, emphasised the need for reconciliation within the PDP. He believes the party should actively seek to mend fences and bring back members.

He described the current PDP as a party that has lost its momentum. Olayinka urged the party’s leadership to shed arrogance to prevent the PDP from collapsing.

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Furthermore, he swiped at the “political almajiris” in Ekiti. He noted they had never secured an electoral victory without Fayose’s influence.

Olayinka suggested that these individuals either fail to understand the PDP’s current state or are merely seeking attention.

The recent calls for suspending former governor Ayodele Fayose from the PDP have stirred the political waters in Ekiti State. Lere Olayinka’s staunch defence of Fayose underscores the party’s deep divisions and internal dynamics.

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If not addressed, such internal disputes can weaken the party’s foundation and diminish its chances in future elections.

The term “political almajiris” used by Olayinka is a strong indictment. It suggests that certain members are more interested in personal gains than the party’s overall well-being.

For the PDP to regain its former glory, it must prioritise unity and reconciliation. The party should focus on its core values and principles rather than getting embroiled in internal power struggles.

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The PDP leadership must take proactive steps. They should address these concerns and bridge the divides.

The party can hope to present a formidable front in upcoming elections through collective effort and unity.

Did You Know?

  • Ekiti State is often called the “Fountain of Knowledge” due to its rich history in education.
  • The state is known for its hilly terrain, which inspired its name – Ekiti means “hill” in the Yoruba language.
  • Ekiti has one of the highest numbers of professors in Nigeria.
  • The state is renowned for its cultural festivals, with the Udiroko Festival being one of the most celebrated.
  • Ekiti State University, located in Ado Ekiti, is one of the leading tertiary institutions in the region.


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