Faduyile Aims To Win Apc Primary Against Aiyedatiwa

Faduyile Aims to Win APC Primary Against Aiyedatiwa

Prof Dayo Faduyile, a former President of the Nigeria Medical Association, has declared his intention to secure the All Progressives Congress (APC) ticket for the upcoming governorship election in November. Speaking in Akure, Ondo State’s capital, Faduyile expressed his readiness to transform the state’s fortunes if elected governor. He confidently stated that the incumbent governor, Mr. Lucky Aiyedatiwa, who is also vying for the governorship position, poses no threat to his candidacy.

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Faduyile recounted his previous electoral contest in 2020 against then-incumbent Rotimi Akeredolu, noting his decision to support Akeredolu was based solely on zoning agreements within the state. With the governorship now open to the southern senatorial district and Akeredolu’s passing making Aiyedatiwa the governor, Faduyile believes it’s his turn to pursue the governorship, emphasizing his readiness to challenge an incumbent once more.

Highlighting his superiority over Aiyedatiwa in various aspects, Faduyile dismissed fears of candidate imposition within the APC. Regardless of the primary election method, he remains optimistic about his chances, whether through ballot, consensus, or direct delegate selection. If elected, Faduyile is committed to revamping the state’s education, health, economic sectors, and infrastructure.

Aiyedatiwa, who became governor following Akeredolu’s demise in December, was the deputy governor until his ascension to the governorship. Faduyile’s campaign promises a focus on significant state improvements, showcasing his determination to lead Ondo State towards a prosperous future.

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The political landscape in Ondo State is heating up as Prof Dayo Faduyile steps into the arena against Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa for the APC’s governorship ticket. Faduyile’s bold declaration of intent and confidence in his candidacy reflects a deeper narrative of political ambition, strategy, and the quest for governance that resonates with the people’s aspirations.

Faduyile’s emphasis on his readiness to challenge the status quo and his critique of the incumbent’s performance highlights a crucial aspect of democratic processes—the competition of ideas and visions for the future. His campaign, centred on improving key sectors, underscores the importance of leadership in addressing the pressing needs of the populace.

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The upcoming APC primary in April is more than just a contest for the party’s ticket; it’s a testament to the vibrancy of political engagement within the state. Faduyile’s approach, focusing on his qualifications and plans rather than mere political rhetoric, sets a tone for a campaign based on substance and the potential for real change.

As Ondo State prepares for this pivotal moment, the dialogue between candidates, party members, and the electorate is crucial. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the state’s direction, the qualities of effective leadership, and the policies that will best serve the common good.

In this electoral contest, the stakes are high, as are the possibilities for transformation and progress. The commitment of candidates like Faduyile to engage in this democratic process, despite the challenges of running against an incumbent, is a reminder of the resilience and dynamism of Nigeria’s political landscape.

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Did You Know?

  • The Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) is the largest professional body of medical practitioners in Nigeria, with a history of contributing to health policy and advocacy.
  • In southwestern Nigeria, Ondo State is known for its rich cultural heritage and as a major cocoa producer.
  • Zoning in Nigerian politics is often used to ensure political representation and balance among the country’s diverse regions and ethnic groups.
  • The transition of power from a governor to a deputy governor due to unforeseen circumstances is a constitutional provision that ensures continuity in governance.
  • Political primaries in Nigeria can be conducted through various methods, including direct and indirect primaries, each with rules and implications for democratic engagement.



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