Labour Party Treasurer Demands N3.5Bn Financial Disclosure

Labour Party Treasurer Demands N3.5bn Financial Disclosure

The Labour Party is currently embroiled in a controversy as its National Treasurer, Oluchi Opara, has called for transparency over approximately N3.5 billion in party finances. This demand was made public during a news briefing in Abuja. Opara highlighted the funds as proceeds from the sales of forms and other fundraising activities for the 2023 general elections. Expressing her concerns, Opara accused Julius Abure, the party’s National Chairman, of financial mismanagement and corruption, stating that internal mechanisms to hold Abure accountable have failed, leading to her public disclosure.

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In response, the Labour Party dismissed the allegations as malicious, suggesting Opara was influenced by external parties to undermine the party’s image. A statement by the party’s National Publicity Secretary, Obiora Ifoh, refuted claims of embezzlement and corruption against Abure, emphasising the absence of any other national working committee member supporting Opara’s accusations. The party also clarified that it had not generated the alleged N3.5 billion and maintained that its accounts, audited externally and scrutinised by regulatory bodies like INEC, were transparent.

The Labour Party’s constitution assigns the National Chairman as the Accounting Officer, responsible for approving expenditures and being a signatory to the party’s bank accounts. At the same time, the National Treasurer’s duties include managing and reporting the party’s finances. Despite Opara’s allegations, the party plans to refer her to the disciplinary committee for appropriate action, defending Abure’s integrity and leadership.


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The unfolding saga within the Labour Party, marked by allegations of financial mismanagement, casts a shadow over the integrity of political party governance in Nigeria. This incident is not merely a dispute over financial records but a reflection of the broader challenges facing political transparency and accountability in our democratic processes. As stewards of public trust, political parties are responsible for conducting their affairs with the utmost integrity, ensuring that their financial dealings are transparent and accountable to their members and the public.

The allegations brought forth by the National Treasurer against the National Chairman underscore the critical need for robust internal mechanisms within political parties to address grievances and ensure accountability. Such mechanisms must be in place, influential, and respected by all organisation members. The public’s confidence in a political party’s ability to manage its finances responsibly is foundational to its credibility and the trust it seeks from voters.

The Labour Party and all political parties must prioritise transparency and accountability in navigating this crisis. This involves addressing the current allegations and proactively strengthening their financial management systems. Adopting best practices in financial reporting, external audits, and the active involvement of regulatory bodies can safeguard against financial improprieties.

As we advocate for transparency and accountability, we are reminded of the broader implications for our democracy. The health of our democratic institutions depends on the integrity of our political parties. Therefore, we must demand and uphold the highest standards of financial stewardship, ensuring that the parties that seek to represent us are themselves exemplars of the principles they espouse.

Did You Know?

  • Nigeria’s political parties are required by law to submit their financial records to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for scrutiny.
  • Political party financing is a global issue, with many countries implementing strict regulations to ensure transparency and prevent corruption.
  • The sale of nomination forms is a significant source of revenue for many political parties in Nigeria, often leading to debates about the accessibility of political office.
  • Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index highlights the correlation between political corruption and reduced trust in government institutions.
  • The concept of a “political party treasurer” is shared across democracies, tasked with overseeing the financial operations of the party to ensure accountability and legal compliance.


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