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Monday, 29th May 2023: Federal Government Declares Public Holiday for Presidential Inauguration

In anticipation of the inauguration of Nigeria’s 16th democratically elected President, the Federal Government has announced Monday, 29th May 2023, as a work-free day for all employees.

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This decision, designed to enable Nigerians to commemorate this significant event, was communicated by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Interior, Dr Shuiab Belgore. The announcement was made on behalf of the Federal Government by the Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola.

In a statement released on Friday, Aregbesola extended his congratulations to all Nigerians on this momentous occasion. He lauded their faith in democracy, as manifested in the nationwide election that resulted in the appointment of the President and his Deputy and in all other national elections.


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A Day Off for Democracy: Celebrating Nigeria’s New Leadership

In a fitting recognition of the significant role of the democratic process, the Federal Government has declared Monday, 29th May 2023, a public holiday. This move, marking the inauguration of Nigeria’s 16th democratically elected President, is not merely a day off work but a national celebration of the strength and resilience of our democracy.

Detractors might argue that a single day’s holiday is a token gesture or an unnecessary disruption to economic activity. However, this occasion is a symbolic reminder of the power of the electorate and the democratic ideals that underpin our society.

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By providing the nation with a day to commemorate this event, the Federal Government acknowledges the collective effort required to maintain a democratic society. Furthermore, the importance of citizens’ participation in the electoral process and their faith in democracy are to be commended.

While the declaration of a public holiday is a positive gesture, it is essential to continue encouraging active civic participation beyond election periods. The government should facilitate a culture of continuous political engagement, where the electorate’s voice resonates at the ballot box, policymaking processes, and public discourse.

Therefore, citizens must utilise this day to reflect on the state of our democracy and the part they play in shaping it. Remember that our commitment to democracy should not be limited to casting a vote every four years but should involve active participation in holding our leaders accountable.

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As we prepare to welcome our 16th democratically elected President, let us also reaffirm our commitment to the democratic principles that brought us here. This holiday is more than just a day off work; it is an opportunity to celebrate our achievements as a nation and resolve to keep striving for a better Nigeria.

Did You Know?

  • Nigeria is the seventh most populous country globally and the most populous in Africa.
  • Nigeria has been a republic since 1963 and has had a multi-party democratic system since 1999.
  • Nigeria has successfully transitioned power between elected presidents four times since 1999 despite numerous challenges.
  • Nigeria’s President is both the head of state and head of government, responsible for the execution and administration of the country’s laws.
  • Nigeria operates a federal system of government, with powers divided between the federal government and 36 states.

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