Ogun Lg Chairman Impeached Amid Rift With Governor Abiodun

Ogun LG Chairman Impeached Amid Rift with Governor Abiodun

Wale Adedayo, the suspended chairman of Ijebu East Local Government in Ogun State, has been impeached. The impeachment comes after allegations of financial misappropriation and diversion of council funds.

The legislative council of the local government led the impeachment process. Adedayo appeared before the committee to defend himself against the allegations. He admitted to diverting federal allocations and spending beyond the approved budget.

The impeachment vote was close. Five councillors voted in favour, four against, and one abstained. Adedayo had accused Governor Dapo Abiodun of diverting funds meant for local government development.

Adedayo insists he is fighting for the good of the local government. He believes the impeachment is politically motivated and orchestrated from Abeokuta, the state capital.

The state government denies any involvement in the impeachment. It maintains that all local government funds are appropriately managed.


The impeachment of Wale Adedayo is a complex issue beyond alleged financial misappropriations. It delves into the murky waters of political manoeuvring and the power dynamics between local and state governments.

The close vote for impeachment suggests a divided council, reflecting the polarized opinions on Adedayo’s leadership. The allegations against Governor Abiodun add another layer to this complicated situation.

The state government’s denial of involvement raises questions about transparency and accountability. It also puts the spotlight on the role of local governments in a federal system.

Did You Know?

  • Ogun State is one of Nigeria’s 36 states and was created on February 3, 1976.
  • Local government chairmen in Nigeria are elected for three years, which can be renewed once.
  • The concept of a legislative council in local governments is enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution.
  • Ijebu East Local Government is one of the 20 local governments in Ogun State.
  • The impeachment process for a local government chairman in Nigeria is similar to that of a state governor, requiring a two-thirds majority vote from the legislative council.


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