Ondo Deputy Governor Aiyedatiwa Takes Charge Amid Political Turmoil1

Ondo Deputy Governor Aiyedatiwa Takes Charge Amid Political Turmoil

Ondo State Deputy Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa has resumed his duties in the state following a crucial meeting with President Bola Tinubu in Abuja. This development comes amidst a political crisis in the Ondo All Progressives Congress and a strained relationship between Aiyedatiwa and the ailing Governor Rotimi Akeredolu.

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The crisis escalated when the Ondo State House of Assembly pursued Aiyedatiwa’s impeachment, citing gross misconduct. This move followed Akeredolu’s long medical vacation in Germany, during which Aiyedatiwa was governor. After meeting with President Tinubu, the Assembly requested that Aiyedatiwa submit an undated resignation letter, a decision that the deputy governor reportedly found displeasing.

Despite these challenges, Aiyedatiwa returned to the state and resumed his official duties, including presiding over the state Executive Council meeting. His return signals a potential easing of tensions, especially after the intervention of President Tinubu, who met with the concerned parties to resolve the crisis.

The impeachment process against Aiyedatiwa was stalled as the state Chief Judge, Justice Olusegun Odusola, declined the Assembly’s request to set up a seven-man panel for investigation. The political turmoil had created a climate of fear and hampered commercial activities in the state, as noted by Ondo APC chieftain Otunba Olumide Araoyinbo.

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However, the intervention by President Tinubu has been hailed as a step towards resolving the crisis and reviving commerce in the state. Meanwhile, the group ‘Concerned Elites of Ondo State’ accused the Speaker of the Assembly of misrepresenting the resolutions from the meeting with Tinubu, particularly regarding the transfer of power to Aiyedatiwa during Governor Akeredolu’s absence.


The recent political developments in Ondo State, culminating in Deputy Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa’s return to power, highlight the delicate balance of political dynamics and governance. The situation underscores the importance of stability and unity within political parties, especially in times of crisis.

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The intervention of President Bola Tinubu in this matter is a testament to the role of experienced political figures in mediating conflicts. It also reflects the intricate interplay between state and national politics in Nigeria. The resolution of this crisis, though still unfolding, is crucial for the sustenance of democratic processes and the maintenance of public trust in political institutions.

The reluctance of the state Chief Judge to initiate an impeachment inquiry against Aiyedatiwa suggests a judicial caution in political matters. This stance is essential for maintaining the separation of powers and upholding the rule of law. This incident also raises questions about the processes and motivations behind political impeachments and the need for transparency and fairness in such proceedings.

The Ondo State political crisis and its resolution offer valuable lessons in political negotiation, the importance of legal frameworks, and the need for harmony within governing bodies. As stakeholders in Nigeria’s democracy, learning from these events and striving towards a political environment characterized by stability, respect for legal processes, and constructive dialogue is imperative.

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Did You Know?

  1. In southwestern Nigeria, Ondo State has a history of political volatility, with several political crises and power struggles.
  2. The role of a Deputy Governor in Nigeria is often complex, balancing governance responsibilities with political dynamics within the state and party.
  3. Political interventions by national figures like the President in state affairs are common in Nigeria, reflecting the interconnected nature of state and national politics.
  4. Constitutional provisions govern impeachment processes in Nigerian states but are often influenced by political considerations and alignments.
  5. The stability of state governments in Nigeria is crucial for regional development and plays a significant role in the country’s overall political and economic landscape.



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