Ondo Deputy Governor Challenges Impeachment Move In Court

Ondo Deputy Governor Challenges Impeachment Move in Court

Lucky Aiyedatiwa, the Deputy Governor of Ondo State, has taken legal action against the state’s House of Assembly over their attempt to impeach him. The Assembly initiated the impeachment process last Wednesday, citing allegations of gross misconduct during Aiyedatiwa’s tenure as acting governor.

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This period of acting governance occurred while Governor Rotimi Akeredolu was on a medical vacation abroad.

Upon Akeredolu’s return, he dismissed the deputy governor’s media team, hinting at brewing tensions. The Assembly has since directed its clerk to serve the impeachment petition to Aiyedatiwa.

In response, Aiyedatiwa, represented by his lawyer, Mr Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, approached the Ondo State High Court in Akure. He seeks an injunction to stop the impeachment proceedings.

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The lawsuit lists multiple defendants, including the Ondo State Government, the Governor, the House of Assembly, its Speaker, Clerk, and the state’s Chief Judge.

Aiyedatiwa’s legal action aims to protect his constitutional rights and prevent the defendants from removing him from office.

In a related development, the Assembly’s Speaker, Mr Olumide Oladiji, has expressed concerns over threats to his life. He links these threats to the ongoing impeachment process.

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Oladiji revealed that he discovered fetish items outside his official residence and has received menacing phone calls. He has reported these threats to security agencies.

Despite these developments, Aiyedatiwa denies receiving any official notice of gross misconduct as of Monday.

He has expressed concerns over the impeachment process being discussed in the media rather than through official channels.

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The unfolding political drama in Ondo State, marked by the attempted impeachment of the Deputy Governor, underscores the complexities of governance and the need for transparency.

Impeachment is a constitutional tool meant to ensure checks and balances. However, such processes mustn’t be misused for political gains or vendettas.

The allegations against Deputy Governor Aiyedatiwa are grave and, if proper, warrant scrutiny. Yet, how this process is being conducted raises concerns.

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Through Aiyedatiwa’s lawsuit, the judiciary’s involvement is a reminder of its role as the guardian of the constitution.

The reported threats against the Speaker of the Assembly are deeply troubling. Such incidents tarnish the image of the state and undermine the democratic process.

It’s essential for all parties involved to approach this situation with caution, ensuring that the rule of law prevails.

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Did You Know?

  • Ondo State, also known as the ‘Sunshine State’, is located in the southwestern region of Nigeria.
  • Impeachment processes are constitutional mechanisms to hold elected officials accountable.
  • The Ondo State House of Assembly is responsible for making laws for the state’s peace, order, and governance.
  • The judiciary plays a pivotal role in interpreting the Constitution and ensuring that other arms of government adhere to it.
  • Ondo State is rich in natural resources, including bitumen, one of the world’s largest deposits.


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