Ondo Youths Urge Deputy Governor To Address Impeachment Allegations

Ondo Youths Urge Deputy Governor to Address Impeachment Allegations

Youths spanning the three senatorial districts of Ondo state have expressed their concerns regarding the deputy governor, Hon Lucky Aiyedatiwa. They accuse him of allegedly trying to intimidate the state House of Assembly amidst the ongoing impeachment proceedings against him.

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These youths, representing the Concerned Youths and Citizens (CYC), have voiced their desire for peace and stability in the state. They have called upon the deputy governor to address the allegations rather than diverting attention.

During a protest at the state assembly, the spokesperson for the group, Bright Eniafe, emphasised the need for transparency and accountability. He stated that he should face impeachment if the deputy governor is found guilty of the allegations.

The group displayed placards with messages advocating for peace and condemning corruption. They believe the Assembly should be free to perform its constitutional duties without interference.

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Eniafe expressed his disappointment with the deputy governor’s actions. He highlighted a specific incident where funds were allegedly misused.

He said, “Ayedatiwa received about 350 million naira for the benefit of the Ilaje community but failed to utilise it effectively.”

The group demands that the deputy governor address the allegations or step down.


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The unfolding situation in Ondo State underscores the importance of transparency and accountability in governance. If true, the allegations against the deputy governor represent a breach of trust. Public officials serve their constituents, and any deviation from this duty is a disservice to the people.

The youths’ protest manifests the public’s desire for a transparent and accountable government. It’s commendable that these young individuals are taking a stand, demanding answers, and advocating for peace. Their actions remind them that the public can hold their leaders accountable.

The deputy governor must address these allegations head-on. Evading the issues or resorting to intimidation tactics will only exacerbate the situation. The state’s stability and progress hinge on the swift resolution of this matter. Leaders must remember that they are in their positions to serve the people, and they must do so with integrity and transparency.

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Did You Know?

  • In southwestern Nigeria, Ondo state is known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse ethnic groups.
  • The state is a significant producer of cocoa, a primary export product.
  • Ondo state has a coastline stretches over 180 km on the Atlantic Ocean, making it a potential hub for maritime activities.
  • The state has several tourist attractions, including the Idanre Hills and the Owo Museum.
  • Ondo State was created on 3rd February 1976 from the former Western State.


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