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Ondo’s 10th Assembly Inaugurates Oladiji as Speaker

In the Ondo State House of Assembly, lawmaker Olamide Oladiji, stepping into his second term, has taken the mantle of Speaker.

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This advancement took place during the initiation of the 10th Assembly in Akure, the state’s capital.

Jaiyeola Benjamin, the House’s Clerk, announced Governor Rotimi Akeredolu’s proclamation for the inaugural session of the 10th Assembly to commence, abiding by the constitution’s directives.

During the assembly session, Oladiji, who represents the Ondo East constituency, and Prince Abayomi Akinruntan, who represent Ilaje Constituency 1, were elected as Speaker and Deputy Speaker.

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Temitope Akomolafe, a representative from the Ifedore constituency, motioned for Oladiji’s nomination as Speaker. This motion was supported by Abiola Oladapo, the representative for Ondo West 2, while Princess Oluwatosin Ogunlowo from the Idanre Constituency proposed Prince Abayomi Akinruntan for Deputy Speaker.

Expressing his gratitude towards his colleagues for their trust, Oladiji, the newly appointed Speaker, vowed to collaborate effectively with the executive arm of government. He thanked the governor and the state party chairman, Ade Adetimehin, for their leadership and perseverance.

Emphasising that all share this victory, Oladiji pledged,

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“There will be a smooth relationship between the legislative and the executive arms of government in order for us to achieve success.”


Ondo’s New Chapter: Oladiji at the Helm

Ondo State House of Assembly’s recent election of Olamide Oladiji as Speaker represents a fresh chapter in the region’s political narrative. The move exemplifies the confidence of the Assembly in Oladiji’s capabilities, highlighting his potential to deliver impactful leadership.

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There’s no denying that Oladiji has substantial shoes to fill. However, his assurance to promote harmony between the legislative and executive branches of government bodes well for the state’s future. Cooperation between these two arms is pivotal for legislative success and, ultimately, for the welfare of Ondo’s citizens.

Given Oladiji’s promise of a smooth relationship with the executive, we understand the opposition’s concern regarding potential bias. Yet, it’s worth highlighting the potential benefits of this relationship for streamlined decision-making and efficient governance.

In this time of transition, it’s essential to remain hopeful and give the new leadership the benefit of the doubt. The onus now lies on Oladiji and his team to demonstrate their commitment to the region’s development and uphold democratic ideals. In addition, the Ondo State House of Assembly should monitor the government’s actions, ensuring they align with their constituents’ best interests.

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Did You Know?

  • Ondo State, known as the ‘Sunshine State,’ is located in the southwestern region of Nigeria.
  • The Ondo State House of Assembly is composed of 26 members who are elected from each of the state’s constituencies.
  • Olamide Oladiji is one of the youngest Speakers to be elected in the history of the Ondo State House of Assembly.

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