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Reversal of NASS Principal Officers Unlikely, Ex-Senator Ohuabunwa Says

Former Senator Mao Ohuabunwa, who represented Abia North District, has stated that it would be challenging for the All Progressives Congress (APC) to reverse the announcement of Principal Officers by the National Assembly.

The Senate and House of Representatives announced the Principal Officers for the 10th National Assembly, which was met with claims from the APC leadership that there was insufficient consultation by Senate President Godswill Akpabio and Speaker of the House of Reps Tajudeen Abbas.

While appearing on Channels Television’s Politics Today, Ohuabunwa stated that reversing the decision would be daunting. He explained that any reversal would require a motion, as it is a decision of the National Assembly.

He further stated that the issue is no longer about party leadership but about the Senate or House of Representatives members.

Ohuabunwa expressed satisfaction with the individuals who emerged as principal officers, stating they have good records and the necessary experience to deliver on their duties.

He also commended the decision of both chambers of the National Assembly to follow the Federal Character Principle in appointing the Principal Officers, noting that all six geopolitical zones were represented in the National Assembly leadership.


The recent announcement of Principal Officers by the National Assembly has stirred up a significant debate in Nigeria’s political landscape.

While the APC leadership has raised concerns about the lack of proper consultation, former Senator Mao Ohuabunwa argues that reversing the decision would be challenging.

Critics might argue that the process was rushed and lacked transparency. However, it is crucial to note that the National Assembly, as an independent arm of government, has the constitutional right to conduct its affairs, including appointing its principal officers.

To ensure a more inclusive and transparent process in the future, the National Assembly needs to engage in more robust consultation with political parties and stakeholders.

This will enhance the legitimacy of the process and promote unity and cooperation among the different political parties.

Did You Know?

  • The National Assembly of Nigeria is a bicameral legislature comprising the Senate and the House of Representatives.
  • The Federal Character Principle in Nigeria is a policy that ensures that appointments to public service institutions fairly reflect the linguistic, ethnic, religious, and geographic diversity of the country.
  • The Senate has 109 members, while the House of Representatives has 360 members.
  • The Principal Officers of the National Assembly include the Senate President, Deputy Senate President, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Deputy Speaker.
  • The 10th National Assembly of Nigeria was inaugurated in 2023.

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