Two Injured As 500 Room Building Collapses In Lagos

Two Injured as 500-Room Building Collapses in Lagos

A building with over 500 rooms collapsed in Lagos’ Ketu area. At least two people are now in critical condition at a private hospital. The building at Agboye Estate on Oduntan Street first partially gave way on Saturday.

This happened after hours of heavy rainfall across most parts of Lagos.

On Sunday afternoon, residents were still trying to recover their belongings. The building collapsed again, causing further damage.

The incident has led to widespread panic in the area. Hundreds of families and individuals have had to evacuate the building.

Officials from the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency have cordoned off the area. The building had previously been marked for demolition by the Lagos State Government.

The landlord of the estate has reportedly gone into hiding. Efforts to reach relevant authorities have so far been unsuccessful.


The recent collapse of a 500-room building in Lagos is a grim reminder of Nigeria’s urgent need for stringent building regulations. This incident is far from isolated; Lagos State has recorded over 326 building collapses in the last 49 years.

Immediate action is required to address the root causes of these frequent tragedies. Lives and properties are at stake, and the government cannot afford to be complacent.

The role of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency in this incident raises questions. Despite the building being marked for demolition, it remained occupied.

This points to a glaring lack of enforcement and accountability. Regulatory bodies must be held responsible for such lapses.

The landlord’s disappearance post-incident is another alarming aspect. It underscores the need for stricter penalties for building owners who disregard regulations.

The government should ensure that such individuals are held accountable. Their actions have severe, sometimes fatal, consequences.

Did You Know?

  • Lagos State accounts for 59.05% of all recorded building collapses in Nigeria.
  • Between 1974 and April 13, 2023, Nigeria has seen 553 building collapses.
  • The Lagos State Building Control Agency ensures buildings in Lagos meet safety standards.
  • A 2014 report highlighted poor living conditions at Agboye Estate, where the recent collapse occurred.
  • Building collapses often cause a ripple effect, impacting nearby structures and requiring costly repairs.


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