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Bishop Kukah Urges Federal Government to Uphold Religious Freedom

Bishop Mathew Kukah of the Sokoto Catholic Diocese has urged the Federal Government to enforce the constitutional provision for freedom of religion and worship. He suggested this could be achieved by providing places of worship for adherents of different faiths in Federal Government establishments nationwide.

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Bishop Kukah made these remarks after the inaugural Mass at the Catholic chaplaincy of the 119 Composite Group of the Nigeria Air Force in Sokoto. He highlighted the importance of these places of worship in enabling personnel to practice their religion freely.

The Bishop pointed out that many Federal Government universities, medical centres, and other establishments, particularly in Northern Nigeria, lack provisions for places of worship for Christians.

This, he said, is a breach of the constitutional provision.

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The call by Bishop Mathew Kukah for the Federal Government to enforce the provision for freedom of religion and worship is a significant one. As a multi-religious country, Nigeria must uphold the rights of all its citizens to practice their faith freely.

While it’s encouraging to see religious leaders advocating for these rights, it’s equally essential that the government takes concrete steps to address this issue. Providing places of worship in Federal Government establishments is a practical measure to help uphold these rights.

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However, this must be done in a way that respects the diversity of Nigeria’s religious landscape.

All religions should be treated equally, and provisions should be made for all faiths, not just the major ones.

Did You Know?

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  • Nigeria is a multi-religious country with a constitution that guarantees freedom of religion.
  • Bishop Mathew Kukah is the Bishop of the Sokoto Catholic Diocese in Northern Nigeria.
  • The 119 Composite Group is a unit of the Nigeria Air Force based in Sokoto.
  • The Nigerian constitution provides freedom of thought, conscience, and religion, including the freedom to change religion or belief and to manifest and propagate religion or belief in worship, teaching, practice, and observance.

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