Jimi Odukoya Steps Up As General Overseer Of Fountain Of Life Church

Jimi Odukoya Steps Up as General Overseer of Fountain of Life Church

Jimi Odukoya has been announced as the new General Overseer of the Fountain of Life Church. He is the first son of the late Pastor Taiwo Odukoya.

Jimi also assumes the role of Chairman of the Board of Trustees. A board member confirmed this to the congregation.

The late Pastor Odukoya passed away on August 7 in the U.S. He was buried earlier this month.

Jimi will officially take over as senior Pastor on September 30. His sister, Tolu Tolu Odukoya Ijogun, is the new associate Pastor.

Jimi is also a Nollywood actor. He received his education at Oral Roberts University in the U.S.


The appointment of Jimi Odukoya as General Overseer was a pivotal moment for the Fountain of Life Church. It marks a new chapter following the passing of his father, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya.

The role of family in church leadership is a point of discussion. Is it appropriate for leadership roles to be familial?

Jimi’s background in Nollywood and his U.S. education adds a unique layer to his leadership. How will these experiences shape the church’s future?

The board’s quick announcement of Jimi’s role indicates unity. But how will the congregation adapt to this change?

The emotional toll of losing a pastor is significant. How will Jimi fill the void left by his late father?

Did You Know?

  • The Fountain of Life Church was founded in 1992 and is a central Pentecostal church in Nigeria.
  • Jimi Odukoya studied at Oral Roberts University, known for its charismatic Christian teachings.
  • Nollywood is the world’s second-largest film industry by volume.
  • Leadership within the family is shared in many Pentecostal churches.
  • A General Overseer’s role in a Pentecostal church is often multi-dimensional.


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