Tragic Collision In Ekiti Claims Three Lives

Tragic Collision in Ekiti Claims Three Lives

A devastating accident occurred on Friday on the Ilupeju-Itapa Road in Oye Local Government area of Ekiti State. The incident involved a truck and a motorbike.

The motorbike was carrying three men and was headed towards Ilupeju. All three men were killed in the accident.

Olusola Joseph, the Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps in Ekiti State, confirmed the deaths. He stated that the truck and the motorbike were coming from opposite directions at the time of the accident.

The exact cause of the accident remains unclear. Joseph mentioned that the truck was descending while the motorbike was ascending.

The bodies of the deceased have been taken to a hospital in Ado Ekiti. They will be deposited in the morgue, according to the sector commander.


The tragic accident in Ekiti State that resulted in the loss of three lives is a stark reminder of the urgent need for improved road safety measures. This incident, involving a truck and a motorbike, highlights the vulnerability of smaller vehicles on the road.

The Federal Road Safety Corps confirmed the deaths but could not establish the exact cause. This raises questions about the effectiveness of road safety protocols and accident investigations.

The incident occurred on the Ilupeju-Itapa Road, a route that needs immediate attention. Are sufficient warning signs or speed limits in place to prevent such tragedies?

The state government must take immediate action. Infrastructure improvements and stricter traffic regulations are essential to prevent future accidents.

Public awareness campaigns on road safety should also be intensified. The public must be educated on the importance of adhering to traffic rules to ensure safety.

Did You Know?

  • Ekiti State is known as the “Fountain of Knowledge” due to its many professors and academics.
  • The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) was established in Nigeria in 1988 to prevent and minimize road traffic crashes.
  • Motorbikes are a standard means of transportation in many parts of Nigeria, especially in rural areas.
  • According to the World Health Organization, road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for people aged 5-29.
  • Ekiti State has one of the highest literacy rates in Nigeria, standing at about 80%.


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