Bauchi Police Thwart N1.65Bn Ransom Demand Rescue 39 Kidnap Victims

Bauchi Police Thwart N1.65bn Ransom Demand, Rescue 39 Kidnap Victims

The Bauchi State Police Command has disclosed that kidnappers demanded N50 million from each of the 39 victims they abducted in Yankari Forest. The victims were eventually rescued by security forces, who killed ten kidnappers.

The rescue operation was carried out by “Operation Sharan Daji,” which includes two Police Tactical Units and the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps. The process was initiated by the Bauchi State Commissioner of Police, Auwal Muhammad.

SP Ahmed Wakil, the Police Public Relations Officer, revealed that the operation has been successful in several other instances. The latest rescue happened after a heavy gun battle, resulting in the kidnappers fleeing with bullet wounds.

The victims were unharmed, comprising 28 males, eight females, and three infants. They underwent medical check-ups before reuniting with their families.


The recent rescue operation in Bauchi State is a commendable effort by the security forces, but it also highlights the alarming state of kidnapping in Nigeria.

The audacity of the kidnappers to demand such a hefty ransom from each victim is a glaring sign of the deteriorating security situation.

The government and security agencies must intensify efforts to curb this menace. It’s not just about rescuing the victims; it’s about preventing such incidents in the first place.

The public also has a role to play by cooperating with law enforcement agencies and providing timely information that could help apprehend these criminals.

Did You Know?

  • Kidnapping for ransom has become a lucrative business in Nigeria, with kidnappers sometimes demanding millions.
  • Bauchi State is located in the northeastern region of Nigeria, an area plagued by various forms of insecurity.
  • “Operation Sharan Daji” is a special police operation to combat kidnapping and banditry in Bauchi State.
  • The Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps often collaborates with the police in security operations.
  • The victims were diverse, including males, females, and infants, showing that kidnappers do not discriminate based on age or gender.


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