Cowa Initiates Financial Aid For Families Of Deceased Customs Officers

COWA Initiates Financial Aid for Families of Deceased Customs Officers

The Customs Officers Wives Association (COWA) has committed to supporting the families of officers who have lost their lives while on duty. The association revealed its plans to financially empower at least 1,200 wives of customs officers by 2024.

COWA President Kikelomo Adeniyi announced these initiatives after a courtesy visit to the Ogun Area Command of Nigeria Customs. The association aims to extend benefits to both wives and their children by providing educational support and training.

Adeniyi disclosed that COWA is establishing its nursery primary and secondary schools. These institutions aim to offer quality and affordable education, reducing the financial burden on customs officers.

The focus is on educational support, scholarships for children, and vocational training for widows. Adeniyi appealed for financial backing from their husbands and assured them of responsible management of resources.


COWA’s recent initiative to provide financial support to the families of deceased customs officers is a commendable step. It offers immediate relief and aims for long-term empowerment through education and vocational training.

However, the success of these initiatives hinges on transparent and accountable management of resources. COWA must establish clear guidelines and monitoring mechanisms to ensure the effective implementation of these programs.

Did You Know?

  • COWA is an association specifically designed to support the wives and families of customs officers.
  • Financial empowerment programs can significantly improve the quality of life for bereaved families.
  • Educational support is often a long-term investment that can break the cycle of poverty.
  • Vocational training can provide immediate income opportunities for widows.
  • Customs officers often work in high-risk environments, making support for their families crucial.


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