Military Pension Board Plans E Verification For Retirees In 2024

Military Pension Board Plans E-Verification for Retirees in 2024

The Military Pension Board has announced plans to initiate electronic verification for retired military personnel by the end of the first quarter 2024.

The disclosure was made by the immediate past Chairman of the board, Rear Admiral Sabur Lawal, during a handover ceremony to his successor, Air Vice Marshal Paul Irhumeson.

Lawal stated that the exercise had been delayed due to challenges faced by the IT company contracted for the project.

These issues have now been resolved, and the Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Chris Musa, has directed that the exercise be conducted as planned.

Irhumeson, the new Chairman, pledged to build upon the achievements of his predecessor. He emphasized the importance of prioritizing the welfare of staff and veterans.

The Military Pension Board’s decision to implement electronic verification for retired personnel is a step in the right direction.

It modernizes the pension system and potentially streamlines the verification process, making it more efficient and less prone to errors.

However, the delay in implementing this much-needed service raises questions about the board’s preparedness and the effectiveness of its partnerships with external contractors.

Are there contingency plans in place to address similar challenges in the future?

Moreover, the new Chairman’s commitment to improving staff and veteran welfare is commendable but needs to be backed by concrete actions.

The board must ensure that this electronic verification system truly serves the needs of retired military personnel who have dedicated years of service to the nation.

Did You Know?

  • The Military Pension Board was established to administer pensions and gratuities to retired military personnel.
  • The Nigerian military consists of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.
  • Nigeria has one of Africa’s most significant military forces, with an estimated strength of 120,000 active personnel.
  • The Chief of Defence Staff is the highest-ranking military officer in Nigeria.
  • Electronic verification systems are increasingly being adopted worldwide to improve the efficiency and security of various services.


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