Vp Shettima Links North East Hardship To Terrorism

VP Shettima Links North East Hardship to Terrorism

Vice President Kashim Shettima recently attributed the ongoing hardship in Nigeria’s North East region to the devastating activities of terrorists. Speaking at a book launch in Abuja, Shettima, represented by Senate President Godwill Akpabio, expressed his belief that the region’s long-standing struggle with terrorism can be overcome through united efforts.

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The book, titled “Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in North-East Nigeria: Emerging Perspectives and the Imperative of Airpower,” highlights the critical role of airpower in combating terrorism. Air Marshal Hassan Abubakar, the Chief of Air Staff, emphasized the effectiveness of airpower in degrading terrorist groups. He pointed out that airpower’s capabilities in surveillance, intelligence gathering, and close air support have been pivotal in weakening insurgent forces.

However, Abubakar also noted that the fight against terrorism requires a multi-dimensional approach. He stressed the need for strategies that address the root causes of extremism, promote social cohesion, and foster economic development. The insights from the book are expected to guide policymakers, military strategists, and practitioners in formulating comprehensive solutions that extend beyond military operations.


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The Vice President’s remarks at the book launch in Abuja shed light on the complex and multifaceted nature of the fight against terrorism in Nigeria’s North East. The emphasis on airpower as a critical tool in this battle is a reminder of the evolving nature of military strategy in the face of asymmetric threats. However, the recognition of the need for a broader approach to counter-terrorism is equally important.

The ongoing hardship in the North East, exacerbated by terrorist activities, calls for a concerted effort that goes beyond military might. Addressing the underlying causes of extremism, such as poverty, lack of education, and social disenfranchisement, is crucial. This holistic approach, encompassing both military and socio-economic strategies, is vital for achieving lasting peace and stability in the region.

The insights from the book launch and the perspectives shared by the Vice President and the Chief of Air Staff highlight the importance of a comprehensive strategy in combating terrorism. Nigeria must continue developing and implementing multi-faceted approaches that address both the immediate and root causes of terrorism to ensure the long-term security and prosperity of the North East region.

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Did You Know?

  • North East Nigeria’s Struggle: The North East region of Nigeria has been a focal point in the country’s battle against terrorism.
  • Role of Airpower in Counter-Terrorism: Airpower plays a crucial role in modern counter-terrorism efforts, offering unique capabilities in surveillance and direct action.
  • Multi-Dimensional Counter-Terrorism Strategies: Effective counter-terrorism strategies require a combination of military, socio-economic, and political approaches.
  • Impact of Terrorism on Communities: Terrorism has far-reaching impacts on communities, affecting their security, economy, and social fabric.
  • Policy Development in Counter-Terrorism: Insights from military and academic sources are vital in shaping effective counter-terrorism policies.



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