Calls For Peseiros Dismissal Rise After Super Eagles Poor Show

Calls for Peseiro’s Dismissal Rise After Super Eagles’ Poor Show

Nigeria’s Super Eagles coach, José Santos Peseiro, is facing intense scrutiny and calls for his dismissal following the team’s second consecutive draw in the FIFA 2026 World Cup qualifier. The Super Eagles struggled to secure a 1-1 draw against Zimbabwe’s Warriors in Rwanda, following a similar result against Lesotho’s Crocodiles at home.

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The match, part of the 10-match qualification series for the 2026 FIFA World Cup, was held at the Huye Stadium in Butare. This result places Nigeria in a precarious position in Group C, especially after South Africa’s victory over the Benin Republic.

Stakeholders in Nigerian football, including former House of Representatives member Godfrey Gaiya, have expressed their dissatisfaction with the team’s performance. Gaiya criticized the reliance on foreign-based players and suggested incorporating more home-based talent, reminiscent of strategies used by former coaches like Clemens Westerhof.

Mouktar Mohammed, Chairman of the Federal Capital Territory Football Association, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the need for a thorough examination of the issues plaguing the Super Eagles. With the World Cup qualifiers set to resume in June 2024, Nigeria faces a challenging path ahead, needing near-perfect results to secure a spot in the expanded 48-team tournament.

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The recent performance of Nigeria’s Super Eagles under Coach José Santos Peseiro raises critical questions about the direction and management of the national team. The consecutive draws against Zimbabwe and Lesotho, teams ranked significantly lower than Nigeria, point to deeper issues within the squad and coaching strategies.

The calls for Peseiro’s dismissal reflect a broader concern about the team’s ability to compete effectively on the international stage. The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) must assess the situation comprehensively and make decisions that align with the long-term interests of Nigerian football.

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This situation also highlights the importance of integrating home-grown talent into the national team. Relying solely on foreign-based players may not always yield the best results, as seen in the recent matches. A balanced approach that leverages the strengths of both local and foreign-based players could be key to revitalizing the Super Eagles’ performance.

As the team prepares for the next round of qualifiers, a strategic overhaul may be necessary to ensure Nigeria’s place in the 2026 World Cup. This includes not only potential changes in coaching but also a reevaluation of player selection and training methodologies.

Did You Know?

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  • World Cup Expansion: The 2026 FIFA World Cup will feature an expanded format with 48 teams, up from the current 32.
  • CAF’s Increased Slots: With the expansion, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) will have nine direct slots, up from five, and a chance for an additional slot through inter-confederation play-offs.
  • Qualification Process: The qualification process involves 53 African teams competing in nine groups, with the group winners qualifying directly for the World Cup.
  • Nigeria’s Football History: Nigeria has a rich football history, with the Super Eagles consistently being one of Africa’s top teams.
  • Youth Development: Investing in youth football development is crucial for sustaining the success of national teams like the Super Eagles.




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