Sports Minister Urged To Partner With Industry Experts

Sports Minister Urged to Partner with Industry Experts

John Owan-Enoh, the freshly inaugurated Sports Development Minister of Nigeria, is being guided by industry stakeholders. Their primary advice? Collaborate closely with technocrats who resonate with his vision.

Various stakeholders shared their insights and hopes for the minister’s tenure in a series of interviews conducted in Ibadan. Jubril Mohammed, a seasoned Legal practitioner, underscored the significance of the minister aligning with experts.

He reflected on Owan-Enoh’s past roles, particularly his notable achievements at the National Assembly.

Meanwhile, Femi Amusan, a reputed football coach and sports consultant, expressed a positive outlook. He emphasised that Owan-Enoh’s role should extend beyond football.

Amusan passionately spoke about the untapped potential of school sports, viewing it as a cornerstone for Nigeria’s future in the global sports arena.

Niyi Alebiosu, the respected Chairman of the Oyo State Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN), voiced his perspective. He championed grassroots sports development and desired the minister to address internal challenges within various sports federations.

Alebiosu also expressed hope that the innovative initiatives introduced by the former minister, Sunday Dare, would continue under Owan-Enoh’s leadership.


The sports sector in Nigeria, brimming with potential and talent, stands at a pivotal juncture. There’s a renewed sense of anticipation with John Owan-Enoh’s appointment as the Sports Development Minister.

The advice from stakeholders urging collaboration with technocrats is not just apt but might be the key to unlocking the sector’s potential.

Nigeria’s sports challenges are diverse, ranging from infrastructural gaps to effective talent management. A piecemeal approach won’t suffice. Instead, a comprehensive strategy crafted with expert insights is the need of the hour.

By partnering with industry experts, the minister can ensure that decisions are informed and forward-thinking.

Furthermore, the emphasis on grassroots sports cannot be overstated. It’s at these foundational levels that future champions are moulded.

By investing time, resources, and expertise in grassroots initiatives, Nigeria can hope to build a formidable roster of athletes ready to dazzle on the world stage.

Did You Know?

  • Nigeria boasts a vibrant sports culture, with achievements spanning football, athletics, and more.
  • The nation has consistently participated in the Summer Olympics, with a few exceptions.
  • The Super Eagles, Nigeria’s esteemed football team, have thrice clinched the Africa Cup of Nations title.
  • Nigerian-born boxers like Samuel Peter and Dick Tiger have achieved global acclaim.
  • The Super Falcons, representing Nigerian women’s football, are a dominant force in African football.


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