Tragedy In Kaduna Pastor Murdered Wife Kidnapped By Gunmen

Tragedy in Kaduna: Pastor Murdered, Wife Kidnapped by Gunmen

In a harrowing incident in the Kauru Local Government Area of Kaduna State, unknown gunmen brutally killed Pastor Amako Maraya of the second Evangelical Church Winning All, Damakasuwa. The assailants also abducted his wife during the attack. The tragic event unfolded around 11 p.m. on Friday, leaving the community in shock and fear.

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Ishaku Chinge, a church elder and resident, confirmed the incident, recalling a previous attempt by gunmen to kidnap the pastor’s son three months earlier. The community had managed to repel the attackers, although the son sustained injuries. This time, however, the pastor was fatally shot, and his wife was taken captive.

The gunmen had contacted the family earlier in the day, demanding a ransom of N3 million. Since then, there has been no further communication. The incident has heightened tension in the community, with calls for urgent action from security agencies and the government to rescue the abducted widow and address the growing insecurity.

The acting Police Public Relations Officer, Mansir Hassan, had not responded to inquiries at the time of reporting.

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The recent murder of Pastor Amako Maraya and the abduction of his wife in Kaduna State is a grim reminder of the escalating insecurity plaguing parts of Nigeria. This incident is not just a personal tragedy for the family and the church community; it reflects a broader crisis of safety and lawlessness in the region.

The repeated targeting of religious leaders and their families by armed groups is deeply concerning. It not only terrorizes individuals but also seeks to destabilize communities and sow seeds of fear. The government and security agencies must take decisive action to address this growing threat. Strengthening security measures, especially in vulnerable areas like the Kauru Local Government Area, is imperative.

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This incident highlights the need for a comprehensive approach to tackling insecurity, including community engagement and intelligence gathering. The community’s previous success in repelling an attack demonstrates the potential of local involvement in security efforts. However, such community action should complement, not replace, formal security measures.

The murder of Pastor Maraya and the abduction of his wife demand an urgent and robust response from the authorities. It is crucial to ensure that justice is served and that measures are put in place to prevent such tragedies in the future. The safety and security of citizens should be a paramount concern for the government, and this incident should catalyze more effective security strategies.

Did You Know?

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  • Kaduna State, located in the north-central part of Nigeria, has been experiencing a surge in violent crimes, including kidnappings and bandit attacks.
  • The Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) is one of the largest Christian denominations in Nigeria, with a significant presence in the northern regions.
  • The increasing incidents of attacks on religious figures in Nigeria raise concerns about targeted violence and the need for enhanced protection for religious communities.
  • Ransom kidnapping has become a prevalent issue in Nigeria, with both high-profile individuals and ordinary citizens being targeted.
  • Effective collaboration between security forces and local communities is crucial in addressing the security challenges and ensuring the safety of vulnerable populations in Nigeria.




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