Unrelenting Rains In Jos Result In Three Fatalities

Unrelenting Rains in Jos Result in Three Fatalities

Incessant rains over the weekend have led to a tragic outcome in Jos North Local Government. Three lives were lost in Gangere, Rikkos, Bauchi Road, and Eto-Baba communities.

Eugene Nyenlong, the Zonal Coordinator for NEMA, confirmed these deaths. The agency received a distress call and is heading to the affected areas for an assessment.

Nyenlong stressed the recurring nature of floods in these communities. He urged the Plateau State Government to take immediate action.

Specifically, residents should be moved out of flood-prone areas during the rainy season. A lack of proper drainage systems and a connecting waterway make these areas particularly vulnerable.

Sunday Abdu, the Executive Secretary of the Plateau State Emergency Agency, also commented. The agency is going to the affected communities to determine further action.

The recent flood tragedy in Jos is a stark reminder of the urgent need for effective disaster management. Three lives have been lost, and each loss is a devastating blow to families and communities.

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) is doing its part, but the responsibility also lies with the Plateau State Government. Immediate and decisive action is required to prevent future tragedies.

Investment in flood prevention measures is non-negotiable. Improved drainage systems and flood barriers can go a long way in mitigating risks.

A comprehensive evacuation plan for residents in flood-prone areas is also essential. Such a plan would guide people on what to do before, during, and after a flood.

Public awareness campaigns can play a significant role. Educating people about flood risks and necessary precautions can save lives.

The government must act swiftly to protect its citizens. Waiting for more lives to be lost is not an option. The time for action is now, and the government must rise to the occasion.

Did You Know?

  • Floods are the most common natural disaster globally, affecting more people than any other type of natural calamity.
  • Urbanisation increases the risk of floods as natural water absorption areas are replaced by concrete.
  • Flash floods can occur within minutes and are extremely dangerous.
  • Climate change exacerbates flood risks, making adaptation and preparation more crucial.
  • Floodwater can be contaminated, posing severe health risks such as waterborne diseases.


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